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Best website evar.


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Yeah, what's funny about a website telling you that your PC is on? Now, if the site was flash based, made you run a complete scan of your system making you wait for 5 minutes just for the results and then told you that your PC works, that would be funny...and annoying, but funny. :P

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I should try to open it from my cell, gonna do now.

Don't read the spoiler if you haven't opened the website.Please.

Says on.

What is the point of even putting the spoiler in there?

This, in my opinion, was just lame. I don't think I would ever guessed that my PC is ON not OFF. :rolleyes:

That's why it's a joke....

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hahahahahaha this is one of those funny pointless things, only the first time yeah.

it would've been better if it took like a few minutes to load it. like put a 640x480 animated gif saying IF YOU CAN SEE THIS MESSAGE THEN YOUR COMPUTER WORKS AND IT IS TURNED ON with each word in a different frame and flashing colours etc.

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