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TGTAP UK Meet-up?


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I could maybe come. Just go with some friends, then I'll hang around with you guys for some time, then meet up with my group again in the evening. Something like that.

Only could go during vacations though. Which is somewhere in February.

But I'm interested, yeah.

Edit: One can't drink under 18? Isn't it 16+ just like in Holland over there?

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Nope - legal age in the UK for drinking, smoking, gambling and porn is 18. Sex and marriage is 16. Driving is 17.

It's legal to smoke if your 16, but you have to be 18 to buy them yourself. Standing outside shops asking randoms to buy you fags FTW.

Anyway I can't come because I'll be in Spain at that time. I'm not 18 either so it would be crap for me. If you guys do this then take pictures and post them here!

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Not sure if I've officially got those days off now, but won't let that stop me. So yeah.

@Jace: All booze is monitored the same really. You wouldn't get away with one kind and not another. Not a problem for me really, but it is when you have to wade through a crowd of kids at the front of EVERY shop with them throwing fivers at you shouting 'BUY ME BOOZE N FAGS'

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Well we could do one in Feb (ahem my Birthday is on the 23rd so you all will come :hurrhurr: ) but there is nothing stopping us doing another one. How would we all know where to find each other? People do look different in pictures than real life and knowing me I would stroll around not knowing where to go haha.

Also I would bunk uni if I didn't have the time off.

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