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TGTAP UK Meet-up?


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We should have a TGTAP meetup somewhere between London and south of the Midlands, or maybe actually somewhere around London if it's easier.

UPDATE 16/12/2009:

Okay so I decided to split this topic from the big community thread so we can discuss this properly. It seems we have a number of members that are interested in meeting up, so far all from the UK. Any Europeans who don't mind flying to the UK for this are of course welcome too.

In this topic we can perhaps decide on a time period (Easter maybe?) and location (London?) and also what we might do while there.

Confirmed Attending:

No one yet!

Possibly Attending:





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Depends really. If I'm travelling for only 1 long day, I'd take the train, because it's a bit cheaper than petrol. But paying for trains over 2 days is a bitch, plus if I'm planning to stay I'd presumably have somewhere to put the car. As for driving in and around London, I'll do what I do on most normal roads... put it to the test and hope for the best :/

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Okay just split this topic off from the big community thread, updated the first post explaining that.

London has already been suggested as a location. I'm fine with that since there's plenty we can do down there, even if the underage folks among you attend. However, it might not be good for everyone - do feel free to suggest an alternative location if London doesn't suit you. We'll basically choose the location suited to the most people.

Once a location is decided we can start planning it a bit more. :)

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I'll either be around Gloucester or Stafford depending on time of year. Most likely Stafford. But that's fine for a train to somewhere south.

Bear, and you're the only UK female here! Perhaps if anyone coming has a gf (or sister? lol) they can bring her along to prevent a sausage fest. Bear does a good job of keeping this from happening here, I'm sure she'd appreciate a little help :P

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I can come in May and virtually any weekend after July 11th. What I could do, if Mpilk (since he lives near Edinburgh) wants to, is discuss with him what we could do, i.e. what flight, train or coach. I may be too young for you guys but it's worth a shot, besides I've been wanting to visit my cousins for a while now and I could do that if I do this...

Another couple of suggestions for the location from me are:



Edinburgh (Lazy me)

or alternatively you could arrange several trips throughout 2010 to different cities to let people who can't go to one place, go to another and meet you. Although far fetched.

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