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Cars of The Decade

ACDC 564

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Failure. Of the highest order.

If it's the Veyron (which it surely will be) I'll cry.

If it's the Golf GTi (which it surely will be) I'll cry.

If it's the BMW Mini (which it surely will be) I'll cry.

If it's the Prius (which it surely will be) I'll cry.

For me it's the Honda FCX clarity. Honda and GM are the only car companies that have made a real attempt at creating an affordable, reliable, feasible form of transport that will go some way to combatting climate change. (Not that I'm on that bandwagon, but i do want someone to do something the crap about it so we can all get on with our lives and not be asked to shit on our vegetable gardens or donate our excess paper to help keep the squirrels alive.)

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