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Welcome to the SIG LAB. The Lab specializes in premade sigs, but we also take request.

Make A Reqest

To make a request please PM me the following Information:

Sig Size

Sig Theme

Sig Font

Sig Slogan (If Any)

The cost of Requested sigs will range anywhere from $500 to $1500 all depends of the time I put in it.

Premade Sigs

Splinter Cell:

1st Sig: $700


2nd Sig: $600


Chronicles Of Riddick:

1st Sig: $600



Green Day Sig: $600


Premade Avatars

Avatar 1: $150


Avatar 2: $250


Work Examples




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I am thinking of wanting another sig. I will give you 7000-10000 for a new sig. I would like it to be a GTA SA one.

I would like on it a SlamVan vehicle.(it is my most favorite vehicle in the game.)

and also anything else that is cool on it.

And the size can be anything sutible that you like to use.

And the font. Just something San Andreas style. (or something like it)

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Well it seems that LaughAtBilly is gone somewhere for a while or is just busy. It is one of the two. Hmm I wounder when he will be back

Yes, because you definetly need a new sig.

hmmmm... ERRRMMMMMMMM...HMMMM i guess hes not into making sigs anymore. oh well my order is cancelled

Maybe he's just gone?

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