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Which was the first ever video game you started playing with?


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I beat all you guys to the gaming table, I was born in 1966, I lived the whole revolution in TECHNOLOGY, my first video game was a home Magnavox Odyssey since that system bowed in 1972, the first home game of it's type. Mine was the II version I think, Odyssey 2000. Circa 1977, I even played SIMON when that was hot, and then the Mattel hand held football, hockey was a fav. Coleco Gemini and small coin op battery operated Ms. Pacman. In 1978, APPLE...education and Games, all on the Two Steve's Insanely Great invention....Pre-Macintosh

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Super Mario Bros. for the NES. In about 1992/1993 if I remember correctly. Most of you kids weren't even born then.

I was 2-3 year's old then lols

Tbh I can't remember, it was either worm's on the pc, or sonic the hedgehog on sega mega drive.

I remember this game I used to be mad into when I was a kid, it was called rebel moon rising. I used to think the graphics looked amazing haha

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