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rip radio commentary

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Hi guys

How do you rip the radio commentaries??

I m not worried about the songs and commercials ... he he

IN particular I am after vcpr!!! Chavez and the freaky morality

Please :lolbounce:

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I know this is an old forum post, but I feel that I should offer a straight

answere on how to extract the audio from gta.

Fist off, for the pc version of vice city the tool you need is on this site,

its under tools in vice downloads, called vice city radio decoder.

Its works excellent able to convert a adf. file within seconds.

Now for the ps2 version you'll need something I use called MFaudio

you may have heard of this program before and scoured the internet

for it with no luck of finding it.

This program is in general able to convert many different types of audio

files on just about any ps2 game.

For example gta3 uses vb. format for the radio.

I uploaded this to the site but its not on the site yet so

I will attach the program to this reply, I may remove it after some time.

I did not create this program and offer no guarantee it will work.

I will also not be responsible for any damages and/or inconieveces caused by it. Use at own risk.

(But it should work becuase I use it and it works fine, but does have some

glitches now and then)

On the other hand it's a good way to get free music off of games :thumbsup:

*Mfaudio has been removed oct 23

Edited by Sabin Romero

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Your joking right?

Well if thats how you feel I will remove it.

But nobody will be able to rip the music off gta3 without this.

Heres a sample clip from "Game radio" off gta3 (ps2 version)

Just so people belive me this program works.

*sample has been removed

Edited by Sabin Romero

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