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What are you listening to right now?


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|aphex twin:beetles, rubber jonny, milkman, maxima electronica| then |dragonforce: body breakdown, fury of the storm, through the fire and flames, heart of a dragon, black fire, revolution deathsquad| then |Coburn:original WITP, WITP NEDM!!!(not enough doom music)| then |children of bodom:in your face| then |i go kill weezer cuz there the worst band ever| then |Chicago: My inspiration, hard to say im sorry| then |a bunch of djs:ZN vs BT SS vs BYM| |daft punk: robot rock| then |nightwish: ghost love score (LOL epic MENEUVER)| then |ß²: Screwt(lol fear)| then |the streets:blinded by the lights| then |Crystal METHod: keep hope alive| then |vigilante: answers ( I ####ING FOUND IT FIRST)| and thats pretty much all since i got on the computer.

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