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Maurice Chavez from VCPR would be good, in my opinion he was even funnier than Lazlow and if the two of them had a confrontation on Chatterbox it'd be awesome.

Also, on www.gtagaming.com they've confirmed that Avery Carrington and Donald Love are back and I'll tell you lot an idea I threw down in the forums over there, I reckon you'll have to kill Avery in GTA:LCS for Donald Love, maybe because;

1. How Avery treated Love in Vice City

2. Carrignton is getting in the way of a big deal

In any case, it'll be good to see both Love and Avery back in the fold don't you think? :D

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i don't think Catalina will come back because you have already killed her in GTA3

she re-appeared in SA and then got away with fido from GTA3 to liberty city again.

I also thought I have killed her in GTA3, but that's her. same voice, very similar face (note that she's about 20 years older), and she again does bank jobs.

I actually don't see the point, but who cares? it's fun!

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