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GTA-Forums.com, redone.


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Well anyway enjoy GTA-Forums. Maybe you should make it a forum board to people that get banned at the real GTAForums and then they can come and post again at GTAForums just with the hyphen in the middle.


Why don't you go to hell? I see no reason to talk down about my site just because I use a similar domain. You are a jerk. An extremly out of line jerk. I don't talk about your site in a bad way. Maybe I should start?

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No, that is just the truth I am saying by having a domain such as GTA-Forums.com . Same goes for the GTA-four.net / GTA-four.com domains. I mean when you see that, you will rather go to either gta4.net or gtafour.com. Oh and I won't call it a site... it is more like a forum board  :blink:

No, some people would rather go to smaller sites/forums like mine because at GTAF, if you disagree with the staff on one thing, welcome to the ban group.

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