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britans best sitcom


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  1. 1. britans best sitcom

    • only fools and horses
    • blackadder
    • yes minister
    • the good life
    • dads army
    • fawlty towers
    • one foot in the grave
    • open all houres
    • porrage
    • the vicar of dibly

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  • 2 weeks later...

Footsteps running through the glade...

Lock away your son and daughter...

Beware the golden flashing blade...

Or, you will end up shorter.

Blackadder! This show is abso-fuckin'-lutely brilliant! Shame they only did 26 episodes though... most BBC sitcoms are really short.

The Vicar of Dibley's quite good, too. I havn't really seen much of the other ones...

Blackadder: What's your first name, Baldrick?

Baldrick: I'm not sure...

Blackadder: You must know what your first name is!

Baldrick: Er... well, I think it might be 'Sod Off'.

Blackadder: Er... and what makes you think that?

Baldrick: Well, when I was a kid, living in the gutter, I'd go up to the other kids and seay 'Hello, I'm Baldrick'. And they'd say, 'Yes, we know. Sod off, Baldrick.'

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