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it's me


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I didn't get this welcome!

thats because i'm a hard core veteran!

So was I...

I was 2nd in command of the Calvano Crime Family! :ph34r:

Oh well.

But Osiris started the VERY first original((non-stolen)) gang, The Dragon Stealths. A gang that is STILL here to this day. You can't beat that. You just can't.

yeah but i came before you, CN, hell i even came before spaz.

and yes i remember you smartboy4

Yeah, I wouldn't actually be here without him. He showed me The GTA Place for the high scores and cheats and stuff. Then I wanted to join the forums, too. But.... It wouldn't work for me. So HE actually registered my account.

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I remember i joined the forums when i was like 11 going 12..

Was a weekend night when Chris was talking to me on msn (i dont know how the hell i got his contact) about his forums, i asked for a mod position and i was moderating vice city sub forum :P !

And from then, i stayed on.. was out for big 'vacation' from here like 2 times

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So pyro joins me in the ranks of people who used to be stupidly active but now only show up from time to time.

Why the username change?

"Insane_Pyro28" was a decieving name. He isn't really that much of a pyro but the name was making him out to be a huge pyro. So he changed it. OR so that's what I remember him saying.

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ginger...ginger who? i don't know what you're talking about.

i can't sign on AIM right now though, i gotta get it installed again. we just installed a new harddrive and thats the last thing i gotta install back. i'll have by tomorrow probably.

He's referring to when someone made the nickname Ginger pubes for you. I don't know what's worse, "Ginger Pubes", or "Circus Penis, because everyone loves the elephant!"((that was from middle school)). Circus Penis I think was funnier, though.

i remember Tondi, but i was here even before all that.

Hell yeah. Damn, I remember when this place was all t3h bumpin' of da hizzy, Yo!

I bought two Wonka bars today. They're pretty good.

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yeah i was being sarcastic about the whole ginger thing. i remember both nicknames. and i agree i think circus penis is funnier, much funnier.

i tried one of those wonka bars once, they're pretty good but they're so damn small, it's sort of a rip off.

Yeah if they made them a normal size, like a Hershey bar, I'd spend an extra dollar on them. They also need the standard bar wrappers, too. Not the stupid ones they have now. I like Hershey wrappers, the ones that unfold. They need to do that.

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