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Your piccys..


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Looks so different, I actually like the short hair more, makes you look older :D

Yeah, while it makes him look older, it makes him look like a redneck, to me((no offence Miller)).

But now you have to walk around like that for a half of a year.
Now Spaz, thats just cruel. Maybe our friend here actually.. likes walking round like a Navy boy. There are some weird and frankly strange people in the world, he should be allowed to have his hair how it suits him, whether it looks ridiculous or not.

Hey, nice way of changing the name on the quoted posted. Had you hit the quote button, you would've noticed I didn't post that.

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i could always merge one of your posts with hers so it looks like you posted it :P

What is this? Mod wars? :lol:








Haven't set one of these up in a while.


Me trying to get some sort of signal.


My awesome conversation with G-WizZ.








Where is his head!?


Wonka Donutz. These things are RIICH, but VERY good.

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And paul looks like a girl o.o

...what girls have you been around?

RAWFUL. That really made me laugh. Yeah, he would be a pretty ugly girl. I, on the other hand, could almost make myself look like a girl. Clear my face, shave, put my hair behind my ears, and I'd pretty much look like a girl. A dead sehxzay girl, at that. :lol:

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There's no way in hell I could make myself look like a girl. :lol:

Spaz you didn't actually talk to G-WizZ did you? This is one of your posts from gtawh that you've also put here isn't it? :P

Actually, no, I posted it HERE first. Yes, I WAS in the middle of talking to WizZ..... Ok OK! Not really, because we didn't think of taking a picture of me in the conversation, so AFTER I hung up I posed and had it LOOK like it. I wish I would've had my picture while I was really talking to him, but the thought came afterward.

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I'd have a leather chair but no one has thrown one out lately.

Oh I forgot to mention how the yearly trash day we have in alot of towns in the us (the one where people put out like t.v.'s, couches, chairs, fans and all other stuff, not real garbage) is like a second christmas to rednecks. I remember I used to go with my friends and we'd fill up their van.

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Alright, this is the first picture of myself I have ever posted online. This is just me with my eyes edited out taken from my webcam. I'll get a full shot from my camera later.


No..... No... That is NOT Chris92! He looks... So young.... No... It CAN'T be!

Damnit why does EVERYBODY have a leather chair  :pissedred:

I have to make do with a dirty old cloth one nicked from a factory somewhere.

I have a dirty old cloth one I found on the curb a couple houses down. Shit, it still works. And it's hammock style((the bars hold the cushion which hangs down, so you have that hammock feel to it)).

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Here is a pic of me and my friends. Oh and I do live in Africa, yes



haha that kid is sticking his tongue at us as if we're the ones who got it bad.

I hate the prick second to left. He looks like he's motioning for us to suck his dick. Had I come across him in real life doing that, I'd either kick him in the face or smack him hard enough to knock him to the ground. Whichever felt more fun at the time.

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Has anyone else wondered why black people have white hands, feet and tongues? Or is it just me, I just find it really weird, not being racist or anything.

They had their feet and hands against the wall when god painted them..

Well thats the joke. But white people have that too. I dont' think they can tan. They have a special skin thing.

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