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Hey Spaz nice for starting this. I'll post a bunch later in the day. Try using this maneuver I found to take more of your screens:

Ok so first of all you need to disable the map and the rest of the hud in the main menu under display. Secondly you need to get a large vehicle like a van or a bus. A van works great.

Now just drive up to the place where you want to take a screen and let either the left or right side face your scene which you want to shoot at.

Now just make sure Toni stands as near as possilble beside the van with his back facing against it. Now pan the camera by holding the left trigger and pressing left or right on either the d-pad or analog stick (depends what control setup you use).

Do this until the camera faces the other way. You will see Toni dissapearing as the camera are now basicly against the van. Then just enable the cheat menu and take your screen!

An example of screens taken using this method:



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Well you asked HOW I GOT UP THERE. You didn't ask how I got the helicopter.

I got it with the cheat device that I used to take the screenshots.

Version 0.3 is here!

US/Canada version 0.3: http://www.maxbot.com/gta/CheatDevice03US.zip

UK/EU version 0.3: http://www.maxbot.com/gta/CheatDevice03UK.zip

New for v0.3:

- Activate spawn cheats with one button

- Screenshot to a BMP file in your /psp/photo directory

- Edit car colors

- Never fall off your motorcycle

v0.3 release notes:

While you have a vehicle spawn line selected, just press the last button of the cheat code, either CIRCLE or L1, to spawn things. Check the instructions at the bottom of the screen for which button to press. CheatDevice copies the rest of the cheat into the button history buffer to trick the game into thinking you entered the whole cheat.

Screenshot saves a BMP of the screen to the /PSP/PHOTO directory where you can view it from the PSP's photo viewer. The files are numbered sequentially. The numbering starts over at 1 again when you restart CheatDevice, so be aware it'll be overwriting your previous screenshots. The screens were coming out much too dark originally, so I added an automatic brightness adjustment.

To take a picture, go to Screenshot and press X twice quickly and carefully. You may have to press it a third time if it doesn't trigger. I needed a trigger that you wouldn't accidently hit easily, but also wouldn't use a button that would reset the camera or make you jump or move or change anything on the screen, which most of them do. I tried to slow down the game as much as possible while it's copying the screen, but you still need to hold still to keep from messing up the snapshot.

You can edit the colors of the car you're driving. The stripe color only applies if the car has a stripe or two tone second color. Special vehicles like taxis and gang cars that do not change colors when resprayed can not have their colors changed.

Toni was never as good with motorcycles as CJ. He just falls off too easily to have any fun. Problem solved.

US Version: I put a handy PCJ600 in the Staunton garage. I also decided to get rid of all my grenades because I was getting tired of blowing myself up when entering that spawn cheat that ends with CIRCLE.

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