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Vice City


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Can anyone help me - am completely lost in Vice City - have taken over from Diaz, acquired several of the businesses (dock, ice cream place, pole position, malibu club) but haven't got any missions to do...

Where do I get new missions from? I have completed all the missions from the haitians, cubans, bikers, and love fist, but no new ones have appeared... Even did all the phone ones.

There are some things that can be done to get more money, as I'm aware I still have to buy kaufman cabs and the paper place, ie/ ice cream van, but these dull exercises are surely not the remaining 72% of the game (it's telling me I'm only 28% through).



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well one your in the wrong section,but I will help you out.

You have to get 60% before you get a call from ken,and then you start to do some missions for printers works and stuff.You kinda have to do the kaufuman cabs the printers works and the ice cream place.You might also want to try and rob all 15 stores and get find some unique jumps.Then you sould be fine

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I don't know why the missions aren't appearing, try completing Cortez' final mission and finish of the Vercetti missions if you haven't already. And you don't have to have 60% of the game to get the final two missions, you just have to have completed missions for the Printowkrs and 5 other assets of your choice`

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:o Probally u finish alled the missions.Try Cortezes missions. If u want more money buy the places(Diaz's mansion, Malibu.Strip Club etc.) in front of thoose places u bought there will be this little pink thingy and when u walk 2 it u will get the money. (if ur wondering how 2 get more money). If u r bored try finishing the 100%.(but u will not get money 4 that).
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seriously dude.. u have to complete this mission

1. malibu

2. kaufman taxi

3. vercetti estate

4. printworks

5. sunshine autos

6. cherry ice cream

7. film studios..

8. Love fist

9. Phil

boatyard, pole position.. am not buy that coz have limited money

just give a try

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There are four "Chopper Checkout" missions in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Also, there is a "Cone Crazy" side mission on the Washington Avenue Multistory Parking Lot in Ocean Beach, "PCJ Playground" at Standing Vice Point, an "RC Car" race in Vice Point, an "RC Plane" race in Vice Point. Also, there is the Pizzaboy, Paramedic, Firefighter and Vigilante side missions. There are also rampages to complete.

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