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New Design - Happy Easter


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It's been needed for a very long time, and they're finally here, the new designs for The GTA Place. Made by yours truly, I have been working on these all last week, and everything is looking good. So here it is, your Easter present.

All the pages should work, also we're planning on updating our outdated content in the next few weeks too so we'll be an all round better GTA resource. If you notice any bugs on any pages, or would just like to leave feedback please do so by commenting on this topic. I'd appreciate the constructive criticism as well.

This is version 4.0 of The GTA Place, yes our fourth major design change, inspired by my redesign of my Alan Wake fan site. This one should be here to stay for quite some time, and we now have different styles for each GTA game, or most of them anyway.

So, enjoy the new and improved website!

NOTE about cookies - We had to edit the cookie settings for the forum a little bit so everyone will have been logged out, you can just login again though. This is because I wanted to personalise the site a little more, so now when logged in the main site will give you useful links to the forum on the left menu, or will display a login box if you are not logged in.

The welcome back message will also be personalised as you may well have already noticed.

By the way if you're seeing old stretched logo's or other weird stuff, clear your cache and temporary files, or press CTRL + F5 to hard refresh the page.

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