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LCS PS2 Release Date


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Rockstar Games have finally annouced the release date for the Playsation 2 version of Liberty City Stories.

Rockstar Games, a publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTWO), announced today that Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories for PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system will be in North American stores on June 6th, 2006 for the MSRP of $19.99 and will hit European retail shelves on June 9th, 2006 for €29.99 and £19.99 in the UK.

That's June 6th, 2006 for North America. and 3 days later on June 9th, 2006 for Europe.

Yes, European's have to pay an outrageous price for the game, almost twice that of how much it costs in the US...

Take-Two Press Release

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Well thats just stupid. Big thumbs down to Rockstar Leeds from me. Sorry.
Sam Houser:

Rockstar Games doesn't set the release dates or prices. Our publisher, Take-Two, does.

There's many reasons for this:

1 ) Their shares dropped dramaticly recently due to that Eurogamer article about the delay. (Will probably more after this announcement)

2 ) They've spent money last year "at an alarming rate" and needs to show this year that they can get back on their feet and make more....

3 ) Oil Prices are just rising and the game is published in North America.

4 ) The demand for LCS in Europe is much, much lower in Europe than North America.

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Haha thats a good point, some people would have bought a PSP just for this game (and then bought some others afterwards). Yeah I know it's portable and everything, but now that it'll be available for the PS2s everybody's got, there's no need for the underwhelming PSP. I feel sorry for those that don't play it regularly.

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Well yeah there is an amount of people that just bought the PSP to play LCS. But that's why it's considered as a "killer application". It makes people want to get the system.

It'd be funny if the first two months of sales for LCS PS2 is much better than the PSP version. I mean yeah there did nearly ship 20 million PSP units. But put over a 100million PS2s and a price like that together... then you get amazing sales :)

Oh and interestingly since October, LCS for PSP is STILL the number one rented game at Gamefly!

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Yes, European's have to pay an outrageous price for the game,

Not really. Twenty Quid for a PS2 is a lot better than paying the full £30 to £40 you'd normally have to pay in this country. The only problem with the price is that it suggests that the game will be a straight port, as opposed to having any new/improved features (Swimming, Flying etc), as it would probably be a waste of time and resources for a company to make changes to the game if it's going to sold for half the usual price.

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