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Oops, ripped my face!

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I walked into a tree once...

Also, I was swinging on a fence and then my foot got caught in the spaces... I pulled I pushed and then, WALLOP! I went down onto the cement. That was around 2 years ago.

Edit: The Government needs to cut down all posts... everything is hitting them.

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Ouch. Sounds like we've all had some pretty bad experiences here. You're not alone, friends...

When I was four or five, my uncle left his house on a bike and latched the back gate behind him. So I stood on an elevated cobble step and tried to reach over to unlatch the lock. I forgot how I tripped. Blood. Tears. Agony. Stitches. Owwy.

When I was eleven, I was screwing around by putting my hands into a wrapped pile of foam mats. I was wearing my glasses at the time. I was rocking back and forth. Bad idea. I slipped forward, with my hands in the mats unable to stop the fall. My glasses impacted on the ground, the steel digging into my forehead just above my right eyebrow. There was blood. Lots of it. And more stitches. Yay!

The latter scar has been kindly indicated for you in this pic:


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I was doing parkour and i screwed up. I tried to flip off a garage and i broke my arm...This was 3 weeks ago.

Also yesterday i broke my little toe by hitting it against a big chair....

I will probably have to update my post within the next few minuites... I'm accidnt prone.....

Also about 20 mins before i wrote this post i fell off the chair i'm currently sitting on and hit my head on the desk..Didn't hurt that much.

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Ouch ... now I feel really lucky. I have fallen out of trees, toppled down stairs, fell of my bike onto gravel and the such, and the worse injuries that I have gotten from things like that is a broken toe from jumping into a pool and a twisted ankle from DDR. Other than that it was minor cuts and some pretty big bruises.

On the other hand I did have a doctor screw up and cause my right hand to go numb form surgery. He lied to my mother and told her I would get my feeling back in a after a while so we wouldn't sue. Nice guy. :jumpon:

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Lol, wasn't fun when I snapped me wrist entirely in the main three bones holding it together. Ironically at the time neither me nor the idiot first aider thought I had broken anything. This was six months ago and I'm still unable to do press ups without it hurting my wrist loads.

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I once fell in kitchen with chair and i didn't feel anything, my friend was there and he said it bloods and i said dont joke until i felt some hurting. Lucky its in hair so nothing is visible, but it blooded damn much.

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