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GTA: Hit List

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Who do you hate in GTA and do you think if they appear in GTA4, they should be killed on sight? :evil:

Claude - If I see him one more time, I'm gonna run him over, drag his body into the trunk of my Manana, drive that Manana into a river, and blow the shit out of that river!

Donald Love - I hate cannibals unless they EAT people. FREQUENTLY.

Big Smoke - I know the fat fool's dead, but they should revive him just so he could be blown up by a RPG7.

That's it for now, I'm just getting pumped!!! :bashhead::jumpon::pissedred:

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Oh yeah, also.

Sonny Forreli - Uses people, generally an a**hole.

Lance Vance - Was cool for a while, until he turned into a backstabing traitor.

They both got what they deserved at the end...

Rocket helped with Lance and Sonny though which was more therapuetic then using an SMG.

JD O Toole- just plain creepy

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I failed that mission because Lance got stuck in a hedge and got lost so I left him but he just got shot :bashhead: Damn Lance! I would like to resurect him then and run him over with his own car. That mission Deat Row was so hard I had to plan everything to a tee and I blame Lance. He would be top on my hitlist.

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My hitlist would be

1. Lance - The backstabing bitch

2. Diaz - Although I did like him he was a bit of a twat

3. Cortez - Making you do those pointless errands

4. Ryder - Backtabbing twat

5. Smoke- Backtabbing fat f***

6. Claude - Was useless in GTA III

7. Asuka - Didnt like her at all

8. Tony Cipriani - For being crap in LCS.

Well thats my hitlist. Quite a lot of stupid f***s to get through but yeah.

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The ENTIRE gangs of Grove Street, The Ballas, and those other orange f***s. They all sucked. Big time.


NONE of the main characters except CJ. CJ needs to die.

NONE of the Yakuza..... They were single-handedly the greatest gang to ever be in a GTA game.

NOT Woozie, NOT The Truth, NOT Mike Toreno.....

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