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Spaz mods birthday! get the bawls!


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happy blayed bdy i would have rathered somthing else then a sword i think she wants a difffrent sword... :P

Her, my parents, and my grandmother are the only people who got me anything. A boken, a PC, and 20 dollars.

Oh, and Kelly is getting me something else.

And she got a different sword >.O Birthday sex is like the best sex.

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So yeah, yesterday I spent the whole day with her and she gave me my second birthday present.


Oh yes. A case of Bawls. Twenty-four bottles. That is just about the lethal dose of caffiene. If I downed them all right now I'd die((I already have caffiene in me)).

Oh, unrelated to that, she took another test yesterday. It came back negative....... WTF...... :bashhead:

And my current Bawls bottle collection:


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Ten ounce bottles of energy drink amazingness. Eighty MG of caffiene per bottle. That's 1920 MG per case.

And this is the third one she took. The first one was too soon. Then she took one that pretty much said, "PREGNANT". Then she took this one. She has a lot of signs of being pregnant, too. So now she thinks she miscarried and she's really upset.

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