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Spaz mods birthday! get the bawls!


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You get the picture.

Have a good one dude!

Doesn't that just scream 'birthday'?

Oh, for lunch I had the greatest sandwich I have ever created. Get this:

Strawberry marshmellow fluff.

Strawberry preserves((home f***in' made, bitches!))

CRUNCHY peanut butter.


Best birthday sandwich ever...

Happy b-day spaz, you can act the stripper now.

Oh yes. Most definitely.

Ooooo that should get you a few brownie points.

EDIT: And also if it was my birthday you wouldnt give a shit

If it was announced like this, I'd give you a happy birthday. Like half the people here, it would be the extent of what I could actually say from a lack of knowledge of you. I don't check the calendar at all, really, so the only way I know birthdays is when people post them.

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Eighteen, of course. ^.^

Oh, for those of you that knew about my boken((wooden sword)), you probably knew I broke it in rage...... Apparently they aren't made for trees. Hm..

Anyways, Kelly got me a new one for my birthday. It's black and has cool Japanese symbols on it. And it has handle grip, too. It's really nice. ^.^

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