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Hardest Mission


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The mission ''the driver'' for pc is easy if you now how :blink: . Let me ''enlighten'' you=

If you have replaced any car in the game before you should know about replacing the handling.

Simple replace the sabre turbo handling with for example the faggio's , or another slow item of transport (i used the bus') and you have the race won.

Edit: Remeber to change it back , the sabre turbo can help alot in the later missions & this is only if you reaally cant do it... ( it nearly destroyed my mental health)

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What was the glitch. I won out of pure luck. I hated Keep your friends close took me weeks to complete. In the end I just blsted Sonnny into oblivion with a rocket launcher.

Ya.That works every time.But right now,the toughest mission was nothing.But right now I'm on that mission where you save Lance,the Hatians where you get briefcases,and the other gang where you kill a bunch of other gang members.I forget all the names cause i havn't played VC in eight days.Plus i'm lazy to look up what they are called.

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The mission "An Old Friend" had to be the most difficult mission...pain in my ass.

LIAR!!! :rofl2: An Old friend was the easiest....

All you had to do was drive to the hotel....

I can't believe you found that hard...


Will you shut up and stop acting all big headed because you found a certain mission easier. I found death row very hard I had to develop a plan just to pass it. How did anyone pass that mission?

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I think that's the one where Lance is in the junkyard right? If so I just went up with a machine gun and killed everyone, then got into the trashmaster on my way to Lance and left the door open (so it wouldn't disappear). Then I just comfrotably drove back to the hospital with Lance, not needing to worry about Diaz's men chasing me.

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I tried that but the trashamster would blow up. I hade to develop a plan without cheating btw :o shocker for me.

1.Place a motorbike by the malibu

2.Drive to the junkyard and shoot everyone but take the bike into the junkyard.

3. Get lance and get on the bike and go behind the back of the junk yard.Careful driving is essential as you are going along a small section of road.

4.Drive along the beach and take Lance to the hospital while avoiding Diazs men.

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Personally i would have stolen a tank from the army (if i could have been bothered).

Drove it in and drove it out....diaz' cars and guys suck against a tank :D (what dosent).

But ive never actually been bothered to do this mission on ps2.....I never did many missions (phenom phen 87 or Watever the hell its called was the last.) Then i just got packages

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Yeah I had many failed attempts at that mission. One time I got out of the car and started firing on the guys that were chasing me, which led to Lance and myself both getting run over :cry:

One of the main problems I have with that mission nowadays is that Diaz's men don't slow down/bail out if the car is on fire, resulting in an on-fire car driving along next to my trashmaster :(

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my hardest is the driver. It doesnt help that the way the computer controls his car, its impossible to recreate it without cheats. Another one is cannon fodder, because a glitch occured and a cut scene where several characters run in different directions, one stopped where i have to run to for the cutscene to end. Very irritating.

All the other missions I find hard are:

Death Row (where you rescue lance from the scrapyard - HARD.)

Boomshine Saigon (where you escort phil to the hospital)

Messing With The Man (where you go on a rampage killing as many people as possible.)

Cabmageddon (where you attempt to blow up roughly 8 cabs)

Juju Scramble (where you have to get the packages for auntie poulet)

last but not least, Keep your friends close.

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