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OMG I BEAT VCS CLUB [spoilers]

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Good work OTGTAM. But you should of took your time and enjoyed the game, GTA games dont come out often. Congratulations anyway.

I enjoyed it and I'll play it again. Thats what I always do :P



What happens in the last mission?

The last mission is sort of a two part thing. The first mission you have to steal the Hunter from the military base, with Phil Cassidy as a distraction, for Diaz. Then the next mission you use the Hunter to attack the Mendez building downtown. I thought it would fall :nope: . But then they gun you down with a rocket launcher and you are sent on top of the building to go in and kill them all including a heli that shoots at you through the window. Then you are sent back up to the top to kill Martinez and Diego Mendez. The final cut scene was sorta funny because Lance comes in a heli and jumps out yelling "Lets kill these bastards" and shit like that while Vic is standing there trying to tell him that he killed everyone...hahaha. I was pissed that you dont take over a nice mansion or anything. :angry:

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