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Award Badge Contest


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This is a shout to all Graphix'ers among us. We need some badge templates making for winners of our various 2006 awards. Preferably use photoshop to make the template, there needs to be space for the member's name, and the category. Badges for 2nd and 3rd place finishers aren't needed, but feel free to make them too if you don't mind.

For size guidelines, please no bigger than 150x150, and smaller than 50Kb in size ;)

Here's my first attempt, I'm really looking for many more of you to also have an attempt though, and if you know anyone who makes awesome graphics, get them over here!


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Why did you remove the base and phone number on the trophy :o


"A&J Trophy & Engraving offers a most extensive selection of the finest quality trophies, award plaques, sports & corporate awards and engraving services. All at great prices."

Do we all get real trophies as prizes then?

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