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worst music genre


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Worst for me is one of these 2 - country or folk. Folk is so embarassing to listen to. Country is pretty average as well. Johnny Cash is overrated.

Johnny Cash wrote some really good songs and was a rather good guitarist. He is in no way "over-rated".

reggae its the worst music ever :jumpon:

Reggae is actually rather fun to listen to, I think.

Rap and country man, can't stand it, there's no passion in it, know what I'm saying, it's just... Ridiculous you know.

Can't speak for rap, but some country songs have passion. Even though most country artists these days are sell-outs, IMO.

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I like some Rap, but most of it annoys the hell out of me.

I used to be into the "Gangsta 4 life" style, but I've grown up and I listen to other types of music now.

Nothing worse then some little shit, with a basketball Jersey, tilted hat, pants halfway down his ass and thinks he's Eminem or someone, because he listens to their music. I don't have a problem with kids that dress this way. Just when they let the rap they listen to get to their head and they actually think they're a gangsta.

I like Country, Rock & Roll , 80s (Not a specific genre. Just anything from the 80s) and some metal.

Exactamundo. I used to be a Gangsta4Life as well when I was like 8-11. Now I listen to some old Blackalicious and a Tribe Called Quest when it comes to rap. I'm no lil' retarded kid that listens to today's stupid rapping about cars, money and girls like most guys & girls at my school...

I mostly listen electronica stuff, reggae, and rock. I don't have a fav. music genre, just listen to what sounds good but I sure have alot of fav. hate music genres. COUNTRY, WORLD BEAT MUSIC,FOLK,POP, TODAY'S FAKE PUNK(like greenday), 80's GLAMOUR ROCK and TODAY'S RAP music. God, country is just plain stupid IMO and today's rap, disgusting 100%.World Beat Music, just WTF is goin on. Folk music, it's not even music. Stupid Pop is so , just not passion. Today's Punk like greenday, I feel that should be pop but NO, it's gotta be punk because they have spiked hair. Glamour Rock, not even gonna start with those chapless assed boner guys. And Today's Rap, girls, money, cars, and talkin shit... what do I want with that.

All of the above that I hate IMO have no passion and should be nonexistent.<-(Or however you say it.)

O ya, I hate Opera, fat bitches! Heh jk about the fat peopel but I hate the genre.


edit: Classical is actually very nice now and then. I listen to it on one of those 900 channels which each 900 channel has a certain genre of music.

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Rap sucks, as everyone has said. There are only very, very few artists I think are just OK. And those annoying chavs... :pissedred:

Country... horrible.

Whatever crap Paris Hilton sings... oh no wait, she doesn't sings, it's someone else's voice... :thumbsdown:

...but, how come no one has mentioned the one and only...


Do I even have to say it? :tongue:

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