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Your Internet Speed


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You know what I'm wondering is why my upload speed is so slow. I have Road Runner, (10 mbps) a wired connection, and a brand new router.


Its great, only that I never get that kind of a download connection.

Could this be because my Router is too old or something?

What router do you have and how old is it?

What about your networking card? Wired or wireless? What type?

Many factors could do that.

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I beat pretty much everyone, except for you, and David, who musta photoshopped it or somethin', because that's some fast ass internet. <_<


Not really. Even just reading the last page I can see numerous speeds above 10, yours doesn't touch 8.

Also, you have no idea about Sweden's infrastructure do you... that's a perfectly normal speed in some countries.

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And also, no the other pictures aren't photoshopped. In some parts of Europe and America you can have 30+MB/sec internet speed.

Here's mine (as of January 21th) (And also it can be a bit slower than before because the internet shares signal with the TV, etc):


Lolwtf, what the hell was that 2KB/sec upload? I have the lowest upload speed ever :P

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