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The Official Speedtest.net Thread

Everyone go to http://www.speedtest.net/

And post back here with the results it gives you. They have servers all over the globe so it's not US based like all the others, you can get an accurate reading of how fast your internet really is.

Here's my lame 1Mb connection:


I'm hopefully upgrading to 8mb soon though :)

Note: Take the test and scroll down, it gives you the "Forum link", copy and paste it into a post here ;)

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You have a 2mb connection I see.

How come your upload speed is so much slower than mine and Gerard's? Were you doing other stuff on the Internet at the same time as the test or something?

Well there were only 2 windows open, They were that SpeedTest, And TGTAP. My computer is Dell Dimension 4300, I think so, Need to check up on it.

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My results:


This is with TGTAP open, AIM running, and on a wireless connection with another computer running((my mom's)) and accessing MYSPACE. So yeah.... It's still shit in my opinion.

Just remembered I'm hard-wired to the router since it's in my room. But still, I have two PCs up and running online.

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