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I rented F1 2006 edition and it was crap, I advise everybody never to get it. I am glad I only rented it.

Yeah its horrible, you shouldn't have rent it, You could have just downloaded the demo, I played it and it was bad.

Say, does any body plan on getting Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare for PS3 it looks good with awesome looking graphics and it actually isn't 'bout WWII.

I plan to get it, I got my PSM magazine a few days ago and it looks real good, it suppose to be realistic, and we will be part of the squad not a leader.

I hear the PS3 is dropping in price by 100-200 dollars after E3, good news for me :P.

I just heard that Sony said they won't make a price drop, someone said they where watching TV and Sony said there wasn't a price cut coming... Could be fake though.

I may get Rainbow six, After looking at some trailers I didn't feel interested on it anymore..

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