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Can PS3 really emulate PS2 games? If it can then is it only the 60GB version ?

Yes it can. But only the 60 and 80 GB PS3's have backwards compatiblity.

I'm not too sure on this, but didn't Sony add a faster loading time capability in a recent update?

Manhunt seems to be loading a lot faster than it usually did.

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On a lighter note, has anyone downloaded that UEFA Euro 2008 demo, I was thinking of downloading it but I want to get some opinions on it.

I downloaded it a week or so ago. I'd say its worth a try if you feel like waiting for the download. Controls are almost identical to FIFA 08. I think the cut scene player graphics are better than that of FIFA, but there seemed to be frame rate issues in all cutscenes....gameplay, not so much. Nothing about it really stood out one way or another, really.

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Might I be the first to say that Metal Gear Online fucking owns everything! The graphics are 10x better than CoD4 (And that's saying something). Looks like MGS is finally coming home :)

OGTAM may kill me for this but my PSN is: MrShadowSlayer

*Gets killed by OGTAM*

*Wipes blood from boots*

I didn't even know that Metal Gear was released. I was thinking about getting it, but i'd feel left out since I never played any Metal Gear games before.

I'm waiting for Resistance 2

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Got a huge problem people, my internet is working fine with my computer but not my router anymore meaning I cant get online with the PS3, but now when I try to do an update via storage box it wont let me, maybe itmight be because I've always done them through the internet? Anyway I will be trying to get my router fixed before I get IV though.

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