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well...loomi, its a long story:

i used to play Command & Conquer: Red Alert online, and one day, it said "to reset your passwods, write wrong password, logg in, and write "reset Paswords"" and i did it, for curiosity, and i forgot the pass they gave me, and i tried to enter over and over again, but nothing happend, so i got banned, but before that, when i used to play online, i had a lotta friends there, in the USA bunker, we used to talk about anything in the "main chat", not in-game, i dont think i played with Loomi ever...well, i had some friends, Chaserm16 "Chase", Loominana "Loomi", JILL...and something else, another girl, and some other people, i've forgo their name tought, and Loominana, AKA Loomi, used to say "LOL = Land Of Loomi", and i said "LOL = Land Of Silberio"..lol...i used to say he was a girl, and made him angry lol, very funny, untill i stoped because i got bored of that, i also named every girl as my "Official Girlfriend", iahd about 11 lol...thats it, thats Loomi

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Guys lol. What does atm mean?

At The Moment. :mellow:


Read a couple posts up which I know you did since you answered the question I figured out myself! I see you do this to much :/ Mr. Llama,you should of seen me answer it too :/

@Gycu- Lol means laugh out loud. FTW, IDK, maybe for the word. No, that's not it. I have no idea what IMAO means.

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