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Does it really suck for PS2?


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I have the PSP and PS2 version. I wouldn't say it sucks, but IMO the graphics look worse because it seems like it's just the PSP graphics upscaled.

Controls are a LOT better though, obviously with the PS2 controller. I don't really care about custom tracks or multiplayer. The frame rate is more stable too.

Apart from that they're pretty much the same.

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I think it's best on PSP, You can actually do stuff like listen to your own Tracks, Plus you can use the Cheat Device on there, So on PS2, It would suck, really bad.

Well, you can buy Cheat Devices like Gameshark, Action Replay Max or whatever it's called for PS2 but you have to buy them which is the bad thing. Some just like the LCS PS2 version only because it's on a bigger screen. That's pathetic if you ask me.

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