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Is GTA SA the best game  

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  1. 1. Is gta sa is the best game

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If only some idiot drivers would refrain from messing up my Blade.


A casual day in my semi-modded Sultan.


I have to play San Andreas more often. I might probably make a topic like in the Vice City section. I have a lot of great screenshots.

I WANT THAT SULTAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!can i have it?plz?everytime i try to go in transfender it wont open -.-...somon1 plz help?(again help god my stuf is laggy and glitchey)

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lol i got 2 problems

1. How do you turn a .bmp image into a usable .jpeg or .jpg image?

2. How do i upload a pic if it's bigger than the upload size (i've had a lot of trouble with this lately. Everything is too big!!!) and the pic is not on a webpage?

PLZ answer i got one of THE greatest pics ever

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Hey man, well changing the format of a picture isn't really that difficult you know, just go to Paint, located in the All Programs menu, then Accessories and open up Paint. In Paint, open the picture you want to edit, then go to save as, and choose save file as JPEG or something like that. And yeah man, you can't upload pictures bigger than the upload size, as far as I know, if you're having problems sending pictures it may be because you have too much attachments, you're allowed to use 5 MB, so to get rid of them just go to My Controls and Options, Manage Your Attachments.

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want to see my pics you will be amazed! and i know you guys know what that is in these pics right?? :mellow: i mean wtf everyone said bigfoot did not exist in san andreas but i began the hunt just me and 2 homies and of course i drive like a mainiac so i ran them off mount chilad before finding bigfoot hahahah anways hope ya enjoy the pics :thumbsup:










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Camera (in upstairs bedroom of CJ's Ganton house & all over SF).

There's also the PRINT SCRN button, next to F12 on (US) keyboard. Hit PRINT SCRN, pause the game & hit the Windows

key (between CTRL & ALT, just left of space bar to get to the desktop. I have a BLANK.BMP file I open w/ PAINT to paste

into. After you paste into your pic, SAVE AS w/ a new name & you have your screenshot w/out a camera.

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If only some idiot drivers would refrain from messing up my Blade.

I know, hey? The drivers in San Andreas are way dumber and unsafer (is that even a word?) than in Vice City or GTA3/Liberty City.

And Corpse, did you like take a loan from the Casino or something?

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