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GTA IV To Use NaturalMotion's euphoria Engine?


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The news comes after it was announced that Rockstar Games became the second licensee to utilise NaturalMotion's euphoria technology. A short excerpt from the press release spells out the facts:

Oxford, UK-Feb 27 2007- NaturalMotion today announced a partnership with Rockstar Games, Inc., the world-renowned publishing label, to integrate NaturalMotion's revolutionary euphoria engine into upcoming next-generation Rockstar Games titles. Rockstar's integration of euphoria is well advanced, with today's announcement following several months of close collaboration between the two companies.

Announcements regarding specific titles will follow at a later date.

It's important to note that as of yet no specific titles have been confirmed, though it appears we'll be getting seperate announcements on those in the near future. Whether or not "several months" of collaboration is enough for Rockstar to have been using this, after all there are only 10 months until the release of the game, it should be very interesting to see this technology used. This paragraph of text should help to explain why this is quite exciting news:

Based on NaturalMotion's DMS technology, euphoria uses the processing power of PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 to simulate the human body and motor nervous system, thus creating fully interactive game characters that act differently every time. With euphoria, games move away from canned animation, towards a much richer, life-like experience that is unique to the player.

So essentially, you shouldn't see the same movements twice from characters, it will always be different just like in real life. It would certainly make for some very interesting game experiences. We may also see this technology used in some of Rockstar's other upcoming games such as LA Noire.



Press Release (pdf)

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Sorry 4 duoble posting.I just foun what this Natural Motion can do.

I think it`s good,infact it`s damn amazing!!!.Check`it out ,it`s a must see video if you want to compare it with GTA4.

Well that's showing off endorphin, which is a different product, though I'd imagine they're using the same engine anyway, so it's a nice demonstration.

Plugin in or not it's still greate.

I'm not sure is this real game screenshot but if GTA 4 gona look like this I can't say nothing anymore.

Gta 4

And its look like GTA 4 will be in London

You're not sure? Are you new to the whole GTA thing or something? Those are all fakes, some are even stolen from this site. It's not even a trailer it's just a slideshow of fake screens, and you fell for that? Wow.

Anyway yes this is great news, GTA4 is going to have some awe-inspiring graphics and physics by the looks of things.

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OMG! are they really gunna use it?!?!? IVE been wishing for this forever!! you can see that i wrote like 200 posts on the wishlist about euphoria physics. You should see the freeroam running animation, it looks so real!

wow i just looked back at my posts, and it seems like what i sed was like telling the future! zomgzwtflol! :o

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Little late on this, but this looks awesome.

This is about forcing me to buy a 360. I really don't want to wait a year untill I can finally play it.

Nice graphics.

This doesn't have anything directly to do with graphics...

Sorry 4 duoble posting.I just foun what this Natural Motion can do.

I think it`s good,infact it`s damn amazing!!!.Check`it out ,it`s a must see video if you want to compare it with GTA4.

I don't think GTA IV will have it that good, somehow. But it looks great. And will require lot's of power to for PC's, that is if it ever get's a PC release.

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In case that you don`t know there is a GTA 4 System Requirements Topic that I start,so you can talk about that there.


GTA 4 using Natural motion will be 10 better than previous GTAs. in all motion aspects :) But is only this that will make GTA IV better than GTA 3 ,just like GTA 3 was a revolution compared it with GTA 2,without the graphic improvements?

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I know what you mean but don't confuse this with rag-doll physics, they are an actual type of physics, which are similar to what euphoria has done, except it's literally like a rag-doll, movements aren't human. Unless that human is dead of course.

Also to everyone who's talking about endorphin, that's a different product. Rockstar are using euphoria. Read more about the two different products on http://www.naturalmotion.com.

And all the comments regarding system specs have been moved to the topic in the GTA4 forum dedicated to it. Please do not talk about that here, Your comments on news posts are supposed to be directly related to the story. Thanks.

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Yes their posts have been moved into your topic Gycu, mods and admins can move not only topics but individual posts too ;)

Also, back on topic yet again, here are direct links to the endorphin and euphoria pages. Yes they are similar, and you may be confused as to what the actual differences are, but unless you're working in the 3D model or animation industry you don't need to know ;)

The point is that the press release specifically states euphoria, rather than all or any other of the products made by NaturalMotion. Just to clear up any confusion.

Another point to make clear is that nowhere does it specifically state GTA4 will use it, but it is heavily implied, so that's what we're expecting.

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