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  1. What are you guys and gals planning on doing when you get older? If you already have a job.. What is it? This is my gig.. Music is very strong to me. I want to do something with music videos. Be in them. Basically I want to be a rapper. If that doesn't work out for me, I want to Be a cop. Work up from there.. Be a Sniper on the S.W.A.T team How bout you guys?
  2. I would never harm anybody unless they harmed me first. Even this kid.
  3. Yea Meng I know its just, the fact he was rubbing it in my face.. kinda made me
  4. Yea, in most rollover accidents they don't explode. Unless there is a gas leakage or something VERY hot.
  5. Yea buddy, I am going to still wait. I am just not like that. I think before I do something. You guys are probably right. He was probably bluffing. He has all of that drama stuff.. You know what I mean? Like his name on MSN changes everyday, and its like. "Why couldn't our love last forever." This one caught my attention.... "Show me yours and I will show you myne" He also had a name one time that said, I Cyber for free. I think thats pretty sick..
  6. Well buddy, he told me he met with a girl that night, for the first time and said she was hot. He got into details and stuff.. I was like man I didn't need to know that
  7. Or blow it up with a rocket launcher Maybe a minigun too?
  8. Now, I didn't know if this should go in the warzone or not. If not can a mod move it? Sorry If this is in the wrong place, but I thought about this today... I have a gf.. We love eachother so freakin much. We been dating for like a month. Now.. THis kid today.. Knows I am a virgin. So all of a sudden.. He says dude do you think I am a virgin? I said buddy I really dont know. He goes Im not. I had sex last night. I said aw well good for you.. It doesnt end there. He keeps rubbing it in my face. The thing was though. They didn't even care for eachother. They just had sex for the hell of it. Does that piss you off? Or have you done it? Like the way I see it.. I just want to wait for someone who is very very special to me. I guess everyone is different though.. What's your view on that? You know I say keeping your virginity in High School is alot more challenging then losing it. A few nights ago I came close with my gf, thing is, I love her very much So freakin much, and this kid.. Just did it probably to feel good. It just irritates me a little. Now! Maybe I am wrong! Who knows. Basically do you think its better to wait? Or do you think People like this kid is ok. I'm not saying he's a bad kid. I just... When I am 16, and I am talking to a 12 year old who is rubbing it in my face, is that something to think badly about?
  9. 7.62mm


    lol I rememba when a buddy of myne got a box of condoms and put it in an old mans basket at the store. I felt really bad I tried telling him not to but he did anyway, turned out I found out he beat women so I am not his friend anymore. Good times though. I was laughing hard XD
  10. Outlaw,, That 44 mag looks prett bad ass dude Kick hard? I have never fired one before. My dad has, unfortunatly I wasn't there.
  11. Maybe it will just stay flipped upside down but have the windows smashed and stuff and glass all over the road. Debris, and a bunch of unterior laying outside of the car, maybe the engine smoking a little!
  12. Never played these.. Except Gta 2 once. I started at Gta 3. Then Vice City. I was HOOKED.
  13. Trailer Disection. Give it time to load. It's worth it! There ya go buddy.
  14. Yea buddy. We already know that. You can watch the second trailer if you havn't seen it yet. Here buddy I will give you a link. If you have already seen that then we already know. But yea. Gta IV is deffiatly more realistic just by watching the trailer. Then you can also go watch a trailer disection at gametrailers.com I think. I will give you a link to for this. MUCH BETTER QUALITY! It also shows some things you couldn't see just by watching that one.
  15. Whoa man!!! Nice!!! My dad just bought a never been used AR-15. Actually he got it for free because of Law Enforecement.
  16. Good song man! Im working on Dancing. Ima be a dancing machine. Like Michael Jackson. Anyway.. great song man. I would like to hear it vocaly.
  17. 7.62mm


    lol! Yea Robin is awsome
  18. Ok bud I will!! I saw the commercial right b4 posting this. lol explosions and shit.. my type of movie man
  19. 7.62mm


    lol funny clip I thought I would share!
  20. 7.62mm


    Not to sound creepy or anything but I would be dead first day. They would just bust a cap righht in my head.
  21. 7.62mm


    Yaw god that sounds like it would hurt! No sex yet for me but I have the best gf in the world and thats not all what having a relationship is about She is strong to man she tackled me!! playfully then we made out, lol it was fun I have fun with her
  22. I only remember if you recruit a hommie they automatticaly get weapons. There is a cheat where they get RPG's.
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