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  1. The Pontiac Firebird, known as the Phoenix I hope a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII GSR Would appear in the next GTA
  2. One time while a was driving around in staunton island a heard the bell ringing for the lift bridge, i was like wtf so i went to the bridge and i could see the bridge moving up and down. The thing is that i have not unlocked shoreside vale yet as the people on strikers are still outside the bridge and im still on the mission 'FALSE IDOLS' and last last mission for that cop. I think it is called MUNITION DUMP also i have never used any cheats so IDK what happend
  3. Hepburn Heights What Turfs do the Colombian Cartel control.
  4. D how many districts are there in portland A-9 B-11 C-13 D-27
  5. The Exchange Were can the shotgun be found in shoreside vale
  6. a boat how many hidden packages are there in shoreside vale
  7. 4 what is the triads favourite rado station
  8. shoreside vale has the best hideout but portland land has a better landscape
  9. tommys to old and frail to beat claude
  10. liberty city is a little bit bigger because of the porter tunnel and subways
  11. i just love the look of a mafia sentinal
  12. the slamvan they sound great and look cool
  13. mine would be......my mother is my sister with my momma with my kuruma
  14. you could not swim you cant get into a locked convertible lol
  15. rocket launcher+inf ammo=rapid fire
  16. the sanchez owns in drive bys. but the nrg 500 is the fastest
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