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  1. Ivan


    Been totally addicted to this, there's some killer tracks here. Can you guys recommend some more though? I got to put together a big selection.
  2. Ivan

    What Movie Did You Last Watch?

    Been watching a lot of shit lately. Amores Perros- Ridiculously good, a sort of much more powerfull and moving Pulp Fiction. 21 grams- Shares many common elements with Amores Perros, it's also amazing but not as good. Sean Penn is brilliant as usually and the main chick is also pretty cool. Raging Bull- Wonderfull, loved it. Shifty- A nice movie, served to fulfill my need for british crime drama. This is England- Great soundtrack and characters, really interesting, I enjoyed it quite a lot. Oldboy- Great music, some memorable scenes and just excellent all around. The squid and the whale- Not as good as I thought it would be but I still really liked it, great humor mixed with some equally great drama. The death of Mr.Lazarescu- Sometimes doesn't seem much of a piece of cinema but more of a documentary, still there's something about it that I loved. There will be blood- Really really boring, the amazing Daniel Day Lewis and photography doesn't save the awfull narrative. Apocalypse Now- Amazing as I thought it would be. Leon- Pretty cool relationship between the main characters, made me laugh quite a bit. Naalie Portman is pretty great, especially at such age( I think 13 or 14) Heat- Awesome cast, good music, great film. De niro and Pacino just kill it. Pi- The debut of Aronofsky, great movie with a seriously low budget, 60 000 euros I think. 2001 Space Odissey- Visually mind blowing, unlike anything else. Fight Club- Really liked it, makes ya think. Crimson gold- Beautiful iranian movie about social injustice, outstanding. The Prophet- They get it right when they say it's Scarface and The godfather put into one, amazing. Bound- Pretty stylish and cool, nice movie plus hot lesbians. The Wrestler- One of my favourites, so moving. Le Trou- Pretty cool, loved the actors and everything, can't believe some of them aren't even professional. Out of the Past- Great noir movie.
  3. Today we go on to the finals....BENFICA

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    2. EvoLuTioN


      ah well.. Utd vs Chelsea tomm.. We soo need em 3pts.

      Can't end the season without winning anything.

    3. EvoLuTioN
    4. Ivan


      Yeah 2-0 already.

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  4. Ivan


    I'm abviously glad he's no longer a threat, but I don't understand celebrating the death of someone, seems kinda morbid to me. I also wonder what this will change, he must have other people to replace him, he probably knew this would happen eventually. There could also be retaliations, further damage could happen.
  5. So I saw in some forum that psn users got their data stolen, passwords and credit card information maybe, all kinds of shit. Glad I only ever used card points to buy shit on psn.

    1. The Bossman

      The Bossman

      I cancelled my debit card, no cash was taken. Even if they did have that info, they still need your security code and that's not stored on the PSN so they couldn't have spent anything anyway. Just be wary about your passwords, make new ones up and use those instead.

  6. Ivan

    What are you currently playing?

    Still doing some of the sidequests from deadly premonition, what an amazing game. Also playing Nier for the second time. 2 of my favourites from this generation.
  7. Ivan

    The Unofficial TGTAP Steam Thread

    I'm Bern99, I only play FM 11 and Gary's Mod so yeah.
  8. Dude, Deadly Premonition is some of the best shit on the 360, please please check it out.

    1. EvoLuTioN


      Get the Orange box for PC..

    2. EvoLuTioN


      Or L4D2.. coop the mofo..

    3. Ivan


      Fuck man, don't listen to IGN, it's one of the funniest most unique games I've ever played. Sure it's a giant fucking mess of a game, it has technical issues, gameplay issues,etc... but the story man, dialogue and those hilarious moments fuck man it's too good too good.

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  9. Ivan

    Portal 2

    Uh, can't believe I forgot about this game, definitely gonna order it through Amazon uk. The first Portal was so awesome I gotta see how this one turned out.
  10. I'm in, I would love recommending all the awesome obscure games I know, without being shot down by stupid reviews.
  11. The Darkness is awesome man. But yeah, the game got kinda fucked over by the reviews.
  12. Aside from a very restric group, I dislike most reviewers. They are retarded, they have double standards and they fail to judge a game fairly if it is a low profile one, but let he new Mass Effect game they'll get a huge boner and forget about all the shit that Mass Effect has in it and just give it a 9+/ 10. Honestly, I think reviews shouldn't have scores attached to them, just let people judge the review by the written information the reviewer passed along, you put a score and suddenly no one gives a shit about the wall of text you just wrote. But seriously, I don't even read reviews anymore, I just buy games on impulse, I read about what they are and who are the developers and I get a sense that I'll like the game, more people should do that.
  13. Ivan

    What Movie Did You Last Watch?

    Yeah, I had a feeling it would be the kind of movie you would have seen and liked. Watched Downfall tonight, seriously moving and powerfull film about the second world war, loved it.
  14. Reading is hard man. But seriously, if my PC wasn't fucked up I'd check this out, seems interesting.
  15. Ivan

    What Movie Did You Last Watch?

    Watched 2 brilliant movies, La Haine and Requiem for a Dream, seriously I had such a great fucking time. Also watched half of Zatoichi, it seemed interesting but my copy of the movie didn't work well, gonna have to talk to amazon.
  16. Ivan

    What Movie Did You Last Watch?

    Yeah it really is and you definitely need to see Black Swan, it's amazing. Ocean's eleven is pretty cool too. Off to watch Requiem for a Dream right now, will give my impressions later.
  17. Shit, sounds like a good idea. I'm sure we would benefit from this.
  18. Ivan

    What Movie Did You Last Watch?

    Trainspotting, what a wonderful fucking movie.
  19. Ivan

    What are you currently playing?

    Yeah but there's way more clichés in the yakuza games, like over the fucking top. But if you can sort of get past it, there's actually strong emotional moments in the games.
  20. Ivan

    What are you currently playing?

    The first two Yakuza are the best, 3 is kinda meh and the forth one is awesome. If you can get past some clichés and silly japanese shit then you'll find 2 serious gems, I recommend.
  21. Ivan

    What are you currently playing?

    Yakuza 4 and Okamiden, great games.
  22. off to lisbon to watch benfica live, should be awesome

    1. Ivan


      It WAS awesome, I was 1 metre away from Rui Costa :)

    2. Einoriuks


      I wanted Dynamo to win

    3. Ivan


      Dynamo played against Braga though, not benfica.

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  23. Ivan

    Translating TGTAP - Help Needed

    I can translate to portuguese from Portugal, I'll get on it later.
  24. Back from Belgium, what up gta place

    1. Nate10


      We've killed people, smuggled people, sold people

    2. EvoLuTioN
    3. Spider-Vice


      Oh you've been in Belgium. No wonder you were missing somehow.

  25. Ivan


    Figured I shaked thing up with some ps2 classics here, trying to recommend some shit and getting some new activity. Will be doing a bunch of these hopefully. First off Okami, obviously considering the title. Developed by the now closed( seriously Capcom? ) studio Clover, Okami is a game that basically gets everything right in such a beautiful way that it's almost insane how they managed to produce this baby. Set in the awesome ancient Japan, it mixes a bunch of japanese folklore and legends. "The game is set in Nippon based on Japanese classic history, and begins with a flashback to events 100 years prior to the game's present, and describes how Shiranui, a pure white wolf, and Nagi, a swordsman, together fought the eight-headed demon Orochi to save Kamiki Village and the maiden Nami, Nagi's beloved. Shiranui and Nagi are unable to defeat Orochi but manage to seal the demon away. In the game's present, Susano, a descendant of Nagi and self-proclaimed greatest warrior, breaks Orochi's seal due to the fact that he does not believe in the legend, and Orochi escapes and curses the lands, sapping the life from every living being. Sakuya, the wood sprite and guardian of Kamiki Village, calls forth Amaterasu, the sun goddess, known to the villagers as the reincarnation of the white wolf Shiranui, and pleads her to remove the curse that covers the land. Accompanied by the artist Issun (an inch-high Poncle)" From wiki because I'm a lazy bastard. It's a long, beautiful tale about friendship, loyalty and many other things. It has a really gorgeous art, hand drawn characters and settings. A great soundtrack consisting of a ton of japanese instruments and innovative gameplay: you use a sort of magic brush to attack your enemies by drawing on the screen with your analog stick. It's one of my favourite games, almost brought me to tears near the end, if any game is art, this it folks.