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  1. Welcome to The GTA Place BiZZaRE. Please read the Forum Rules. Locate your "GTAVC User Files" folder in "My Documents". Place your files in there, then start the game up.
  2. Happy 19th birthday Butcher. Have a great birthday you big evil thing!
  3. @ Nate: Oh, I didn't see his join date.
  4. Rappo, welcome to The GTA Place, I forgot to welcome you also. And 25 is not a milestone, I don't think. It's: 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, and so on.
  5. Happy late birthday TOXIC, sorry I didn't see this Yesterday.
  6. What's SAK? And yeah, I installed an effects mod. Nice pictures. I never see that big plane flying.
  7. http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/index.ph...ODE=dname_start
  8. Big Z, I believe It's your turn to name something dude.
  9. Ahh, ok. Thanks S-V. Just wondering why my images that are uploaded on there are sometimes not showing.
  10. Is it me or is there something wrong with ImageLodge? Every few days it seems to not allow me to go on it, and my images hosted by it do not appear on other sites.
  11. I think it'd be much much more better with that missing Island. And I wish the game wouldn't crash when theres no water anywhere...why does SA actually NEED water?
  12. Wow! Please tell me how to get that Nissan Skyline? http://img148.imageshack.us/img148/4107/gallery9jg1.jpg
  13. That's not very helpful σαмε. Nissan, download CCleaner and scan your registry for invalid registry entries. Also remember to do everything Gerard said above. Once you have removed the registry, check Regedit (Registry Editor) (Start > Run regedit) and find the Rockstar Games directory (if there) and remove it. Restart your PC and try re-installing again.
  14. Of Course I am for real. I'm not a bot am I...? Or am I?
  15. Perhaps you'd like to consider spam spamming? Posting 4 times in your topic is not going to help you with your situation Nissan_Skyline_GTR_R34.
  16. Nice update Evo. But what is so different to the site (sa-mp.com)? I don't see anything different to what it was.
  17. Firstly, welcome to The GTA Place (TGTAP). Secondly, remember to read the Forum Rules. Thirdly, with your questions, theres always an answer. Please try and backup all of your files to your desktop except the "text" folder. Reinstall your game then replace your new folders with your old ones. Leave text folder alone, don't modify it. If you have a real name car and locations modification installed then replace "american.gxt". Hope this helps. Ice
  18. You can get the Police Outfit when you get 100% with Barbara, at El Quebrados, Desert: Sheriff's parking lot.
  19. Don't forget! Internet Explorer is retarded too. Use Firefox!
  20. Heres a few pictures. They dead men Rockstar thing I found in the Blueprints development building.
  21. Yeah. That's it. How come it never works for Home Edition ?
  22. Ahh. Of-course, I was thinking about another command. Sorry. Ahh. Of-course, I was thinking about another command. Sorry.
  23. People running Windows XP HOME Edition does not have msconfig. I am running Windows Vista Ultimate skin over XP Home, and it doesn't let me run that. σαмε, It would help to use spaces before other sentences and not all up together.
  24. Happy birthday Sky! Have a good day dude.
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