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  1. Yeah, I can't wait for this! I think the video looks better in HD.
  2. Then there must be something wrong with a file you edited. Reinstall your game and remove your SA from the registry.
  3. Clear your browsers cache and cookies, restart it. Then try logging in again.
  4. Confused Child, like Dark Lord said, did you Rebuild your Archive. Then you ask how. Ok, I'll show you. Look at the attachment. Once you've finished modding before you close the tool click "Commands" then click Rebuild Archive. (Look at the attachment).
  5. Erm, OK...I don't know what to say really apart from fail?
  6. Thanks Kel, and nice sig too!! Obviously. You made it. Nah. Only for me. Sorry Don.
  7. 500000 - Godfather. Name 1 place where you can get an M4 at Prawn Island.
  8. Nice stunt video Toxic. I like it how you got on the porch at the Hospital. 10/10
  9. You can recruit up to 3 bodyguards at your Estate in Starfish Island and you have unlimited ammo, and get the "I completed Vice City outfit (Frankie) (I think)
  10. Nice update Chris. How come most of the bans are Unknown?
  11. Just walk around a little or just stay in one place, or maybe go beat someone up. They will call you back.
  12. Definitely fake. Why did Hernandez kill Pendlebury anyway?
  13. WARNING!: Rule number 3 VIOLATED! Reporting...report complete. ...fucking noob. Check the goddamn rules! RULES
  14. I think Staunton Island. That's the most best and interesting Island of them all.
  15. Steal the Body Harvester for Truth. What is the name of the cop who got killed 10 minutes before Tenpenny and Pulaski dropped CJ off in Ballas territory?
  16. Never really noticed. Google is just the same to me. Boring good search engine Google!
  17. I believe Spaz is a girl? Happy birthday Spaz. Have a great day. Sorry for being late.
  18. I cant remember where the disk is. And cant buy new disk because im saving for Gta4. I just need the jetpack files from gta 3.img, Please. I can give u steps if u want them Then if you cannot "remember" where the disc is then how are you playing? if your using a cracked version then buy the game. Here, read this and read this one.
  19. We don't find that amusing at all. The fact you used "Capitals". And the "Capitals" sometimes or does look like your shouting, and demanding. All of these trainers in the downloads database are found as a virus when you download it. It's suppose to be for your game not infect your PC. Think on before posting and demanding shit to be deleted etc.
  20. No. I don't have that mod, I have a different one. I have done a bit of modding for my game so It's better then the default/original gameplay. I have taken a few camera photo's with my Camera and I will unload them here. Any suggestions of witch other nice good cars I could install, I'd be appreciated if you could post links to them. My Police car and Aston Martin Vanquish. Police car back. Police car back, more view. Police car, sideways. (left) Above my Police car for the roof. Again, above the car with more view. Side of my Police car. Side again, looking at the 911 sign. Full view of my Police car. Like the wheels? Front end of the Police car. Looking at the interior inside the Police car. Front of the Police car, looking at the bumper. Full view at the Police car. Birds eye view, of my Vanquish. Back of my Vanquish. Back again, but with a little more view. At the side of my Vanquish. I love the color Blue. Front of my Vanquish. I know your liking this car even when you look at it! -Ice
  21. A little late sorry dude. Happy birthday, hope you had a great day OGTAM!
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