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  1. must be someting wrong with the modded cars you've put. just reinstall your game it should fix your problem.
  2. i reckon a 5770 would go well. they're about $150-200. you can get a powercolor one for $167 from MSY. if you wanna spend more than that, the 5850 is around $350. well if the box says its 3450 then it is. CPU-Z probably just sees it as a 3400 series ATi.
  3. I opened the gta vice city user files.... and the folder was empty o.0 hmm thats weird...so this is the first time you installed GTA Vice City then. What Model number is your laptop, or better yet, just right click my computer, press properties. write here the CPU model/GHz (or MHz) and RAM. Then, right click your desktop and press properties, now press settings tab, and it'll say something in this format Monitor name on Video card Multiple Monitors on NVIDIA GeForce Go 7300 for example thats what mine says Also tell us your Operating System and Service Pack for example Windows XP Service Pack 3, Vista Home Premium SP1 etc etc. thats also in the same window with your CPU and RAM information. I'd presume this isn't the issue but if we can rule this out, then it'll narrow down the problems.
  4. hmm i think we should have organised multiplayer sessions (have we been doing this already?) like for XBOX and PS3 and PC GTA4's and maybe MTA too, if we cant get our own server we should at least all go on a server at a specified time.
  5. unistall both sami and san andreas. now restart now reinstall san andreas restart again and it should work fine. crashing at/after the title screen is because of bad mods usually, or maybe corrupted game files. reinstalling should fix BOTH these problems.
  6. well we wont be able to help you crack the game since its illegal and blablabla so yep. as for running the game, intel graphics are just shit for gaming. you could run san andreas but i highly doubt you'd be able to run gta4.
  7. SCHOOLS FINALLY OVER. owait its been over for 2.5years XD

  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3icGNJxr4DM
  9. sorry we cant do that here... if you messed up your files, just reinstall your GTA3. if you got mods and dont wanna reinstall , just reinstall that game, but put it in a folder called GTA_3, then find that american.gxt and copy to your folder.
  10. if reinstalling doesnt get rid of them, you're doing it wrong go to c:\program files\rockstar games\grand theft auto vice city (or whereever you installed that) DELETE that entire folder. and then empty the recycle bin. now reset your computer. now get your CD out and install the game again, but this time instead of the default folder name like i wrote above, just call it GTA Vice City (as opposed to grand theft auto). this will put it in another folder, so will definitely not have anything left over from the original installation. if you've done all that, and its still the same either a) your install media (legal or not) is f**ked you didnt follow the steps right.
  11. the radio stations arent bad, but yeah as Mpilk said its impossible on PS3. thats one thing with XBOX, you can play music stored on it during games and it like cancels out the game sounds which is cool somewhat. til PS3 implements something like that and i want different sounds, il just use a headphone splitter XD
  12. hey there mr spambot

  13. think of it this way, can your computer run crysis well ? if it can, it'll probably run GTA4 well too.
  14. unless you're using HD sound output (through either HDMI, optical, or coax) the sound will be analog output. dont try and change it. there should be a option to change it back, if not you have two options 1. uninstall and reinstall sound drivers (99.99% should work) 2. system restore (MIGHT work) so its realtek hd obviously (its very common) but you need to find the exact model number, check Device Manager (run-> devmgmt.msc)
  15. the problem of hosting i mean, is finding a FREE 24/7 available server. unless someone was to use their home machine but it likely wouldnt be able to handle it (the machine and your bandwidth too)
  16. they arent stealing your money you arent exactly forced to buy their games australia is really really bad for game prices. RRP of most new PS3 games...$120 aud. works out to $100 USD / 70 GB Pounds. really insane. or you can buy it on ebay for like ~$60 plus postage, works out to be like $70 AUD tops.
  17. I'm not "desparate", and i just can't install ir 'till I finish downloading the game. I didn't meant to disturb you, i should erase that "aaaanyone" comment. Don't worry. You should most probably be able to run it. I'm done, my brand-new Radeon HD5770 vaporX just arrived, so now it should be running fine. I changed a little bit my configuration: Still the same processor, AMD Phenom II 965 X4 @3600, 4GB 1333 DDR3 ram and regular 7200rpm sata drives. I tried to open the game just after the driver instalation (after reboot) and the game just hangs in a black screen. I'm not even able to do alt+tab, nothing at all! Anyone knows what this is about? Thanx! hmm thats weird... try uninstall gta4, restart, reinstall, restart again, and try run it. if it still has issues, could be a driver problem but you said u just got the new ones so probably not that. so you have the same cpu, motherboard, ram, hard drive etc as you had when you installed the OS. if you change at least the CPU or motherboard, you should reinstall the OS (windows or w/ev) because it doesnt really like it. i think some issues with drivers may arise etc.
  18. cartoons now on channels like cartoon network and nickelodeon (and disney) are all...crap lol. the shows from like the 90s-early2000s were so good. now its all really bad. even the kids shows (little kids like preschool) are just retarded. though i remember seeing a youtube clip of a show i watched when i was like <5. so freaky lol. so, i dont really have a channel because the cartoons i watch now i usually download eg, family guy, simpsons, south park, american dad, cleveland show etc. if i was to choose from when i watched cartoons as a kid, probably nickelodeon.
  19. sure il help if u need help. coding maybe, im not good with any photoshop or anything lol. also hosting...might be an issue.
  21. well we cant help you if you've got a cracked/pirated copy of GTA4. not only that but your specs are pretty bad, you might not even be able to run it at respectable framerates
  22. Ah that sucks, hopefully you get internet where you move soon
  23. or they could just make a "suggestion box"
  24. if you want something else to test try this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFW4LqsTPO0&feature=related download
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