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  1. Fillip some bed lol. i wonder what my forum name gets... ...its the same, a bed just with a J after the B
  2. It looks like (Puts sunglasses on) You don't have the balls. currently cant type a proper post because i cant get off the floor.
  3. so true at least for me. i just have the forum bookmarked. reminded me on april 1 and they're like "look at the homepage" "yeah nothings different" lol.
  4. hahahahahaha their fault for downloading a hentai game if you're gonna look up pr0n at least make it of humans
  5. dude without being too mean you're like 8 years too late.
  6. Ahh i see. hmm i could've helped if I knew you guys needed help. Anyway, yeah tournament seems like a cool idea I suppose...tbh the server was really awesome at first but grew boring (as did MTA for me). If we had a organised thing about it, like for example once a month we all go on it'd be cool.
  8. not 100% sure. tbh i wouldnt just to be on the safe side, buy it on disc. try amazon if you cant find it locally.
  9. lol. while stealing a car "i need this" XD
  10. lol looks like fun http://adblockplus.org/en/installation til they check it out. im surprised you dont use it already...
  11. Will it run fine ? I mean without lag ? Depends on what settings you use. You could have a brand new i7 and great videocard and it'll still lag if you tried to run it at 2560x1600 on everything maximum (probably). What is the max resolution your monitor supports ? If you don't know, what size / type is your monitor (eg LCD 19" widescreen)
  12. @Alvas I got the same message. I'm just wondering what happened with the MTA Server, the TGTAP one. I know that people stopped going on after a bit but how come its gone, I thought it was ad-supported ?
  13. for sure it'll run. not sure about res/settings. graphic quality will depend on your resolution mostly.
  14. sounds about right to me. reinstall "your" san andreas without ANY modifications, totally regular, that will get rid of the crashing, but its hard to pinpoint what mod is causing the problem if it's randomly.
  15. ah thats too bad about the gang system havent been on here for like a week lol, i looked today and its same stuff, people asking for critical game files etc haha. maybe you could implement some sort of forced sticky. or like a big FAQ page that people get redirected to as soon as they sign up. what do you reckon ? and oh yeah the vehicles subforum so dead lol. i would post stuff in there but it'd be mostly links to blogs and stuff so idn.
  16. YES epic win XD they need a minigun lol. i dun care if it makes the game unbalanced (which it wouldnt, if you make it that they cant run with it, and it takes a couple sec to heat up you're very vulnerable to snipers and other stuff.
  17. lol wtf. bootcamp into windows and use img tool.
  18. you should make a new topic dont reply in the old ones. anyway, im not sure which game you're modding so if you check this page out http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/forum/121-modding/ then from there, choose what game, and there are some FAQ's/guides in each section.
  19. I dont think there's gonna be one. Your best bet would be to get a capture card on your PC and record it directly using composite output or if you can find a HDMI one then do that, then import and encode and edit with whatever program you use.
  20. thank god they're getting rid of nuke. so pointless lol. sucks they're getting rid of commando though, i love when people rage at me, i got game winning kill with it once and in the killcam i didnt even stab the guy, missed by like 1m but still reg'd as a kill. couldnt stop laughing.
  21. holy fk theres so many! we get jewed and you get some crazy lineup like that lol. though there's a few on there i dont like at all
  22. too many to put in youtube tags. thats who was playing. i saw: nathan kryptic, scotty g + arbor, oh snap!, LMFAO, tv rock, ferry corsten, sean tyas, tommie sunshine, and bloody beetroots. they messed with the schedule, steve angello was meant to be on before beetroots but it was tommie sunshine (who was meant to be on another stage like 4h earlier) also the "outrage" stage was in some hall but it had these columns and the ceiling went up into a dome thing so the acoustics were really fucked in there as you can tell by the Oh Snap! video. thats why we didnt see mstrkrft. plus also wanted to get a good spot for bloody beetroots. they were pretty epic. but they came on like 20-30min late. bastards.
  23. WRX22B1998

    Just Cause 2

    i played this heaps on my friends PC. its a really fun game, but yeah as you said the storyline etc is a bit dodgy.
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