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  1. ummmm i don't get what this is gonna be for, i hope they arent gonna make wii style games on playstation. because thats why i have a wii.
  2. hmm M21 is good i recently used it in a class with AA12 like M21 w/ACOG AA12 w/grip frag/stun scavenger pro stopping power pro commando pro Its not 1 hit kill which is the annoying thing, well sometimes it is. headshots are, and some body shots are. sometimes it's 2 shots though. i got that 1bullet2kills thing with this though lol, in the hallway in skidrow i was just prone at one end and see all the people running through XD aa12 is pretty sweet as well. As for cheytac intervention, i used it but...either its no good or im not very good with it cos i didnt do very well. scratch that, i just switched to it now. its pretty good lol. 1 shot kill for everything but not now cos i got silencer.
  3. looks like you're trying to advertise your site to me...
  4. you should make a new topic for that. no idea what the message means, possibly somethings corrupted in registry. can't you uninstall from the CD, when you put it in the autorun will ask you ?
  5. well yeah its not good to have more than one anti virus installed at once since they will conflict somewhat. yeah false positive, it happens a lot, most of the time it's for trainers etc because they have a key capture function, like, exhibits characteristics of a virus (keylogger for example). seriously seems like you have some firewall or something blocking your programs since you can access the internet through a browser but other programs can't get to the internet. is your account still "administrator" and hasnt somehow been changed to limited user?
  6. wtf is panda cloud? well yeah obviously you have internet but for some reason your programs cant access it...but your browser can. what i'd do, get spybot s&d, and AVGfree. run both in safe mode w/networking (keep pressing F8 once you turn your pc on then you'll see a menu with safe mode, last known good configuration, directory services restore mode etc, choose safe mode w/networking). im guessing you have XP. just put back windows firewall on for now, it doesnt do any harm. also, try and run that windows 7 advisor while you're in safe mode w/networking and see if it works. if it does, then some spyware or similar is messing with your internet. and go to start > run > msconfig. have a look in the "startup" tab, and uncheck everything there that you're not 100% sure what it is. see in command it will tell you the location or filename of what gets started, most will be from c:\program files so you can recognise most.
  7. if that file is anything like the ones in previous GTA, it will say what all the values are at the top. like that.
  8. So yeah ummm, this was on last Saturday (6th March), it was pretty sweet. Awesome lineup etc too. Out of those I saw Goodwill, Grant Smillie, Stafford Brothers & Timmy Trumpet, like 20min of Eric Morillo, Dubfire, David Guetta and The Prodigy. I've posted a couple videos of it (12 lol) on my Youtube if you guys wanna watch. Prodigy was pretty sick, David Guetta was good too but we were a bit far back Looking forward to Creamfields need to get tickets for that, Bloody Beetroots, MSTRKRFT, Steve Angello, Ferry Corsten etc that should be sweet too.
  9. so umm what happened ? imo if you dont have a whole ton of important data on there and if you have a external hard drive / usb big enough to fit the important stuff, i'd reformat and reinstall if i was you.
  10. Jack Beats Radio One Essential Mix (~2h) again. cos its awesome. too bad its longer than will fit on audio CD
  11. no idea bout that hd tune program. so you did the check disk already ? did it find/fix any problems or what?
  12. this may be obvious but, make sure draw distance is maximum in the menu. the "problem" you're having isnt a problem, in fact im pretty sure san andreas just DOES that, it wont draw stuff really far away until you're closer to save memory or cpu power or something like that. so, yeah there sort of isnt a fix since its just what the game does.
  13. ah yes vimeo ftw lol. probably wont happen but i wanna see a full city map with multiple levels or something like office buildings etc. probably too big to do though
  14. This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Activision Games Inc. ffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu wtf?
  15. it's still not binary.
  16. ahahahh i know eh. check the other related videos, fucken classic.
  17. how the hell does it figure that 2010 is a leap year ?
  18. WTF is this topic ? it cant be binary because binary is ONLY 1 or 0.
  19. It's this guy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ItLd8-P6nM&feature=related argh embedding disabled by request...
  20. Ah you got a 4850 already, just stay with that then.
  21. Fat PS3 80GB no problems for me. But yeah I heard that its pretty widespread. Also apparently nothing will happen to your trophies/themes/videos etc. all that stuff that is connected to PSN, will have issues but once they fix it, it'll be fine. Weird how it only happened to some... My PS2 would still be plugged in, but since I got a LCD monitor and not a regular TV it doesnt have any inputs for it (just HDMI/DVI/VGA)
  22. 2+ hours for one song seems like a massive waste of time to me.
  23. I was pretty sure that the ATi 5 series are the only DX11. GTX2xx isnt. im guessing you meant "if you dont plan on using" GTX260 is performance equivalent to 4870, more or less. it's better in some stuff and worse in others (games like crysis are sorta built for nvidia) prices at least here, the gtx260 is about $30 more than the 5770. http://tinyurl.com/yg2lxpx as for games now, the gtx260 outperforms the 5770.
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