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  1. 9500 is better than 8600 slightly. neither of those cards are really good for gaming. but since you're only running a low resolution, depends on your CPU, ram etc it'll probably run ok. gta4 you might have trouble with however COD/NFS/Burnout probably will run fine. more memory is better, if you can get 1GB, do that instead of 512MB. maybe if you can stretch your budget another $20 or so, get ATi 4670
  2. 9500 is better than 8600 slightly. neither of those cards are really good for gaming. but since you're only running a low resolution, depends on your CPU, ram etc it'll probably run ok. more memory is better, if you can get 1GB, do that instead of 512MB.
  3. you still want it signed in when you're not at the computer...ah i get it. but, i dont think there's a way make your own user account would be a possible "solution"
  4. where'd you get it from? link? is it a mod? you might not have installed it correctly. if you post a link to the mod then i can download and see how to install it etc.
  5. Umm she was in the movies made at the studios on prawn island. aside from that thats it you dont hear about her at all. i think she calls you at the end or kent paul mentions her or something i dunno, after you finish the last mission (where u kill sonny) lots of people call.
  6. i dont see why you would need to log out from one? if you still wanna use other stuff just log out when your totally done. or like i do just have firefox delete all history/cache etc when you close it.
  7. lmao i just noticed that. owned lol.
  8. why dont you believe that. thats true in all situations they'll reverse the charge if its some sort of error. but the son bought all that farmville credit (or whatever the fuck it is) its mostly the sons fault and partially the mothers fault for i) letting the son get addicted to that game to the point of spending so much for farmville money ii) having credit card in easy access but for example my parents credit card is in easy access (in their bag/wallet) but i have the self-control to not just go and buy random shit with it (however tempting that might be)
  9. not sure what but something about this (gta4 i mean) is sorta weird. yeah the handling of cars is a bit weird. some missions are just annoying as. but i just dont have the motivation to keep playing the story mode etc (im only like 10% or something). online is pretty fun though. but they took out so much stuff from san andreas, planes, car customisation. and the fact you could enter so many buildings in SA. also i dont think you can buy safehouses in this. is their assets in this (like the car showroom in san andreas) ?
  10. fyi you dont need to have a ddr3 motherboard for that video card, a ddr2 one will be fine. the video card memory isnt related to your regular RAM. as for your question, idn if the first one could run it, maybe on 640x480 everything lowest. the second one you would probably be able to run it given you have a quad core intel. but yeah the video card will drag you down, you know this already i guess.
  11. yeah i agree with what gerard/sherman are saying. mcdonalds would be a easy enough place to get a job but its good to show for teamwork and other important skills like that, despite the pay being pretty average.
  12. epic fail OMG. lol. and embarassing fail too. take2 aaaaaaaaaand action
  13. just cause 2 i played on a friends PC its pretty sweet.
  14. ahahhahahha i wish i couldve seen what he wrote.
  15. i lol'd because my bookmark just goes to thegtaplace.com/forums
  16. sultan with the 2nd paintjob at wheel arch angels
  17. oh yeah the one with x square circle triangle for aiming. epic fail. i still played it though. at least it was free
  18. ohh epic fail. well i havent played lately since my parents took my ps3 controls and to make it worse (sort of) my mate gave me my birthday present (since i hadnt seen him since) - battlefield badcompany 2 today. so cut.
  19. generally with multiplayer (either SA-MP or MTA) you shouldn't have ANY mods installed on San Andreas as it causes issues.
  20. i guess this fits here http://blog.eu.playstation.com/2010/03/29/ps3-firmware-3-21-coming-april-1st/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+SCEEBlog+%28blog.eu.playstation.com%29 sony's introducing this firmware update on april 1st, whatever fixes it has , it also removes the "other OS" option from the original (fat) PS3's which allowed you to install a variant of Linux, Yellow Dog. they're taking it out because of a exploit someone found which worked through this other OS http://www.blogsdna.com/6674/ps3-exploit-finally-released-by-george-hotz.htm you can choose to not install it however according to the sony website (first link) you wont be able to access PSN and online features of games as well as some other online content, no surprise there.
  21. http://soundcloud.com/johnglover-1981/glove-cats-steppin-vol-1 just found this dubstep mix, 1h 15min. i havent listened YET but im downloading it now. k listening now abou halfway through, its really awesome. tracklist:
  22. oh wow... really? *EHEMBULLSHIT* sorry had something in my throat.
  23. oh yeah burnout was awesome fun...love just ramming the other cars into walls n shit
  24. well as far as i remember, on PC there wasnt really auto aim with keyboard/mouse (or i just never figured how to use it) but i do use keyboard and mouse for PC. i remember PS2 you could just press R1 and it would target somebody etc but as i said, not sure if you can do that on PC. mind you i havent played GTA on PS2 for a long time, i lent my san andreas to a friend dunno if he still has it / knows where it is, and liberty city stories i just gave up on.
  25. ooh ive never done any sound mods. is it difficult to install them? also , is the sounds for a specific car model (infernus etc) ? and what RX7 is it based off?
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