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  1. i dunno metal gear portable ops just gave me the shits the minute i started playing it, the controls just seemed so awkward.
  2. well do remember it came out how many years later? i liked GTA2 though, especially the vehicle mods (machine guns, mines, oil slick etc)
  3. got a ceramic white PSP (fat) with one of the newer firmwares (not M33, some other one) like 5.xx i think? well the GTA's are pretty awesome on PSP. GT on PSP is good too although i expected better. a lot of games that are multiplatform are disappointing on PSP however. I've got a sega mega drive emulator on there too, pretty good. Also played some PS1 games on it (GT2 mostly). so my favourite games on PSP would be: gta vice city stories, tekken 6, star wars battlefront 2, test drive unlimited, GT. oh and fifa was pretty fun on it (it was either 08 or 09) never bought any UMD's the only one i have is the demo disc. havent got any accessories for it unless a 2 in 1 data+charger USB cable counts ? oh, well i got a metal case, its pretty good. for the record i think PSP go is pretty crap. weird design, and digital download isnt my sort of thing. and you should change the topic title OMG MY 2500TH POST XD
  4. woah thats really weird lol. its UK flag now. and holy shit it is a ton faster. loads the page like straight away.
  5. so zonealarm was blocking everything except your browsers ?
  6. just got this when trying to open a topic.
  7. close ? but yeah for GTA4 there wont be too many mods yet.
  8. lol next in the series of unfortunate events: tommy kills both the children
  9. are you asking or telling man. i told you its ultimate vice city (mostly) with a few other things changed (nos exhaust etc) i think that nos mod is on here too. never heard of nfs underground 2 vice city mod...
  10. http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/topic/5959-sa-modding-guide/
  11. hmm its a little faster than before, now it doesnt timeout like it used to. but maybe there's slow ping response or something because when i click a topic or whatever, its like 3 or 4 seconds before it fetches the page, then starts loading it. another forum i go on thats hosted in the US i think, it loads much quicker. not complaining or anything just wondering if anyone else has this problem.
  12. maybe ask on the gamefaqs driver parallel lines forum. http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/gentopic.php?board=928571 check FAQ's there if you havent already.
  13. fixed that link for you. edit your post, there's 2 http's
  14. there already is quite a lot of mods for GTA4 maybe what you want is already done. generally people dont pay for that stuff there arent really that many vehicle modders around here though have a look in the downloads section
  15. its ultimate gta vice city with a few things changed. http://grandtheftauto.filefront.com/file/Ultimate_Vice_City;45817
  16. lol recommendation from me 7.5/10 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4G5lFdq7l6I
  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5sKt3ohkOP4 http://www.mediafire.com/?g0gmzg4cmzx ...wait i dont think that's dubstep. good song nonetheless.
  18. read the topic and dont reply to posts when on heavy medication, cannabis or alcohol .. remember just say no pretty sure if nobody answered in 2008 the chance of it happening in 2010 (san andreas is well and truly old) is slim to none, why'd you even bump a 2 year old topic ?
  19. depends on the map of course. not that many people with ump though lol a lot got ACR. its quite mixed though. ahah u mean ranger or 1887 ? lol yeah i took some guy's care package once and then when the round was over he messaged me calling me a f**king c**t etc. was pretty funny. hmm team deathmatch is OK, but some of the other team games makes me rage because it always ends up im on a team with people that just have no clue (even people on like 1st , 2nd prestige and they're just terrible, pisses me off, thats why i play ffa more.
  20. lol you must have crap headphones then (any chance they're the apple ones ) nice system tho heard this at a nightclub like last year, me and my mate were there from like 9 til 3am, so loud in there, when we left our ears are like hissing. pretty nuts lol. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFW4LqsTPO0&fmt=18 http://www13.zippyshare.com/v/34290353/file.html
  21. 7/10, that song is pretty good, i like the buildup around 2:30 as for embedding, click the 3 window thingy near <> "insert media" then copy the youtube link. just changed the video to another song that allowed embedding
  22. hmm not really. i guess there'd be more hackers on PC ? back on the topic of carepackage i got some sweet deal lol. so basically i was camping sorta, in the cave thing in wasteland, and i got care package, ead, and choppergunner. so, used the chopper gunner, got my kills to like 20something, then i think i died, respawned near some boxes or something. so threw the ead marker and carepackage, then what do i get? ac130, chopper gunner, regular helicopter, harrier and predator missile ! i got the harrier, the helicopter, and the ac130 but then got shot. then used the ac130 and won the match with that XD pwned lol.
  23. those prices are in aus dollars, with exchange rate it works out around $20 over budget, but parts in usa are usually cheaper to get. try newegg.com , tigerdirect etc. I want to be able to upgrade and expand later on. Will this rig allow it? to an extent. you'll be able to upgrade ram/video card/hard disk/cd drive easy. CPU however probably not. depends if AMD goes with a new architecture for their next processors, then it may not be compatible with the motherboard for obvious reasons. if its the same architecture, it might be compatible with a bios flash, but we dont know that for sure. besides its a good quadcore AMD, generally with games it's not the CPU that is bottlenecked, but more likely the video card. that video card is quite good too, its performance is just below that of the nvidia GTX260, but this card supports DX11. however if you upgrade to some huge video card (like a 5870 or one of the new nVidia) maybe you will want to upgrade the PSU.
  24. but he has XP ? i think. yeah thats a good idea, download + burn a ubuntu CD and boot from it (live cd) and see if you can connect to the net then maybe do a "repair" install of XP it could fix the problem...
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