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  1. woozie2

    What is your favorite type of music

    rock rocks! cos i love it
  2. woozie2

    Fav Job

    the ice cream van is so cool and plus you get shot by gang members!
  3. woozie2

    Favorite all time GTA car

    i love the nrg-500 the best motorbike in the world
  4. woozie2

    i need a sig

    how much does it cost? OFF TOPIC did u get my gang message?
  5. woozie2

    Whats the hardest game

    my hardest was probably the suffering
  6. your lucky my best is only 20,000!
  7. woozie2

    -//~Movie Theater~\\-

    cool videos dudes!
  8. woozie2

    easiest misson on SA

    yeh suppose the are
  9. woozie2

    Coke Vs. pepsi

    i love coke it has so many differant flavors!
  10. woozie2

    what do you do

    i play football with my mates!
  11. woozie2

    What would you do if...?

    i'd buy another house!
  12. woozie2

    Several new smilies

    cheers pyroxide!
  13. woozie2

    Favorite gang

    i think the loonies cos they were well loonies!
  14. woozie2

    Whats your fave sport.

    football is the bomb!
  15. woozie2

    Introduce Yourself..

    hi i'm new!
  16. woozie2

    Have you seen this Character?

    i think he was deleted. i've seen him in mags too.
  17. that has also happened to me!
  18. woozie2

    Girlfriend glitch

    i had the same thing with millie!
  19. woozie2

    The fastest bike

    or you could use action replay to get in CJ's garage
  20. woozie2

    Do you want a bulletproof sabre ?

    uh yeh i know!
  21. woozie2

    Your Favourite Area?

    i love los santos cos you can kill ballas any time!
  22. i really really hate LANCE VANCE!
  23. woozie2


    great pics dude!