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    GTA B3yond

    Sounds fuckin sweet, sign me up PSN - PJ-34
  2. Either Donald Love or Toni's mother, what kind of mom orders a hit on her own son.
  3. I like Portland alot, I hate Shorside Vale, it's alot like Alderny of GTA IV there's just nothing there it serves no purpose.
  4. is this actually the truth or is it just BS cuz this info is all from San Andreas and GTA III.
  5. The radio hosts are creepers, the one guy just asks if he's gay and says he wants to "bang" him, get a life buddy, I actually thought the voice over guy would be Russian or Eastern European, he does the accent fantastic.
  6. You simply fly and boat people to a certain point then back, not that hard...
  7. What I do is find a cab and advance the trip so it doesn't take any time, it's way easier.
  8. He is just a friend, no more missions just going out like drinking and shit.
  9. Ya, fuckin huge TV too, like a 70 inche and a sweet out door thing with a hot tub.
  10. I don't know how to use spoiler tags so just stop reading here if you haven't met Playboy X or Dwayne ye I killed X and got his apartment, what happens if you kill Dwayne? I was gonna redo the mission to see but I saved it.
  11. Ok someone please tell me how to get that fuckin Sixaxis tutorial thing off my phone. I cheat and use the health cheat and it just annoys me because I'll be driving around in my car and if I hit something I want to make it nice again so I punch in the health cheat but the Sixaxis Tutorial is right below it and sometimes I hit it and just like that my car is gone and when I quit I end up at the airport and my fucking car is gone I do this so many times and it just pisses me off, I've gone through the tutorial 3 times and activated some Sixaxis features for a while but it still doesn't go away, does anybody know how to get rid of it?
  12. Larger cut for sure, GTA has money and he is the biggest voice in GTA history.
  13. 1.Niko 2.C.J. 3.Tommy 4.Toni 5.Claude 6.I've never played Vice City Stories
  14. How many hours of staight gameplay until it starts overheating?
  15. Obly reason I don't kill myself is that I know it will get better after High School. I wanna tell people to go fuck themselves eveytime I hear them say soon you'll want to be in s chool, high school is the worst years of most peoples lives because it's every single day, but I know things will get better...but then again maybe not, maybe I live alone and work a shitty job because my social anxiety causes me to fail and I m stuck with nothing...
  16. I don't know how, and I didn't look at the date so relax.
  17. I used to piss in the shower almost every time but now only sometimes or early on in the shower because if you piss and get out you pretty much have piss on your feet, as for "fapping" not since grade 8.
  18. I actually remember the first time I played GTA and the first time I bought a GTA game. First time I played I was probably in grade 4, I played GTA 2 on my friends computer, I bought GTA III around when it came out in 2001 and I fuckin loved it.
  19. No, I don't. I feel awkward around people, I only feel safe alone and I'm butt fucking ugly.
  20. Mine is very confusing, I suffer from bad social anxiety as well and I can never think of things to say to people and because of that people find you creepy, quiet or a loner, I am also an angry person and everytihng pisses me off, because of these people that have done these things to me I've pretty much gave up on life and don't even try, I steal from convience stores, I break the law and I don't care, I'm not trying to be cool I'm just answering your question. I don't give a shit about what happens, I've been caught doing some shit and it doesn't even affect me because I just gave up, it's sad really, the kids in North America are all going to end up pushing and doing drugs.
  21. It's not a coinsidence, it's population control.
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