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  1. Pointless topic... Two completely different types of games.
  2. You guys have HMV in the U.K.? Cool.
  3. One thing is for sure, IF EA does acquire take-two, the game will most certainly be delayed for several reasons.
  4. That's no good, just keep calling micro$oft and complaining and ask for a supervisor until they agree to repair it for free or a reduced price, that's what I did when my launch console got the RROD.
  5. I think my initial post was misleading, as far as my thoughts on the graphics were. If this is what rockstar has to do to make the game run 100% then I'm all for that. It's just it comes as a surprise and is somewhat of a disappointment they've had to do this, because up until now most of us were under the assumption the multiplayer graphics would be on par with the single players.
  6. http://www.gamersyde.com/news_6274_en.html I for one am not impressed with the graphics in the MP edit: We now have a corvette ladies and gentlemen!
  7. Definitely not the case, I'm running a high end system and I'm pumping out 60fps easily.
  8. It looks more like the barrel of the gun.
  9. Look how his feet are on different steps in the last photo, thats wicked
  10. It's really not fair that mature australians get punished for little brats who try and play the game.
  11. http://blogs.theage.com.au/screenplay/archives/009125.html
  12. It's been said a dozen times in previews there is no vehicle customization. The customization in the trailer is for your online character.
  13. It's from the trailer when it goes into fast forward mode and shows all the quick clips.
  14. http://youtube.com/watch?v=IDK5e3Ogp-o
  15. Really? I thought the only difference was the electrical outlets.
  16. Even if it were banned how hard would it be to cross the channel to france and pick up a copy.
  17. http://www.xbox360achievements.org/news/news.php?id=885
  18. funny, I thought they are entirely gta-like.
  19. http://www.360sync.com/2008/03/28/gta-iv-achievements
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