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  1. yep those graphics and ram outdated ram 254? i think you need atleast 512mb/1gig
  2. frikin awesome played 4 played waw(even though different developer) definatly getting number 2 the multiplayer looks so damn good
  3. Source: http://www.news.com.au/story/0,27574...95-421,00.html Over a seat? This is friggin sad
  4. lol at stewie this is disgusting jeez where is his wife or partner/or mother of those kids
  5. I wish you couldn't corrupt a wish. I wish ther was no such thing as school.
  6. looks and sounds awesome cant wait i can even read it (spanish)
  7. come back to the forum when your older (what huckleberry pie said).

    your too young you dont know what duke theft auto is and all your posts are irrelevant to the topic

  8. msn facebook TGTAP watchxonline youtube bungie.net and porn
  9. nice boxart parachute. im buying this espiecilly for gay tony
  10. May i ask, what kind of Xbox do you need so you could have an XBL ID, and how much does it cost?And do i have to pay every year for a membership? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can get any Xbox 360 to get an XBL ID(gamertag). and when you get your first 360, if you sign up you get 1 month free xbl id. After that you can either, get a 1 month xbox live membership for money(not sure what country your in so research on it) or 3 month, 6 month and 12 months(a year). or you can buy a 1 , 3, 6 , 12 month subscription card from stores and scratch the code off the back and type it in redeem code in xbox live. and you pay every year if you choose 12 months a year
  11. I wish you pooped your self. I wish the person below me to give me a bj.
  12. no actually i forgot my login name for that and when i PM chris, he doesnt respond this time i wrote my username login and password down.
  13. Hi 7 year old. So tell me.. whats your favourite GTA. P.S This is bulletproofboy(Mafiakid) again...
  14. I wish all of the high school and middle school and elemantry school kids went on your lawn and did a poop and after had sex. I wish I had Vice city stories
  15. Grand Theft Auto 2(Dreamcast)Bought in 1999 Grand Theft Auto 3(Xbox)Bought in 2003 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City(Xbox)Bought in 2003 Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories(PSP) Bought in 2009 Grand Theft Auto IV(Xbox 360) Bought in 2008. Soon: GTA CHINATOWN WARS(PSP) GTA VICE CITY STORIES(PSP) Posters: All the Maps and one niko bellic poster
  16. theyre all from here http://www.rockstargames.com/chinatownwars/ It looks ok, but why GTA Cw camera angle i was really hyped because i thought it would be 3d like vcs and lcs your thoughts
  17. i hope all of you got good results(or are getting good results) ill take my GCSEs in summer 2013(im 12) my friend said he got 7As 3Bs
  18. the old website sucked and was so plain. now its better looking than ever. thanks chris for the news and 2 nice wallpapers
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