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  1. catalina, that bitch. or dimitri vincenzo cilli pisses me off as well
  2. I'm 12 right now joined when i was 10 lol looking at your posts some are good but one was funny lol(to steam)
  3. http://lab.andre-michelle.com/tonematrix just check it out, it is the most amazing thing ever!!!!!!! Wow IDK how this caught on, I left this here over the night and I come back to see all this awesomeness. 258,24880,130032,126016,39856,73296,82712,19216,66404,75044,41478,52256,69952,87064,79376,6144 129024,130174,129264,126016,39856,71248,84760,19344,74596,79204,9158,35872,69952,89496,95824,131070
  4. wow you bumped this topic.. its 5 years old... what was the point?
  5. Steam makes a high amount of threads(which are good).
  6. hi im new, well kinda i was on this site before
  7. well my parents are hindu my whole family is hindu so im hindu but i dont worship god very much or pray like my whole family does
  8. Name: Shaun Walcott Age: 27 Nationality: British Current Location (Vice City, Las Venturas etc.): Fictional London Previous Occupation: Football(Soccer) player at Manchester United. *Attire:black hoodie with jeans and white sneakers *Fighting Style: all sorts *Gang: Creates a small gang called Walcott Brother Informatino: He was born in 1984 to Cesc Walcott and Cheryl Walcott(maiden name, Tweedy). He had a spoiled and pampered childhood, he was a good kid, very active and happy. When he was 13, while he was on a school trip to the London Eye, he met a adult called Tizzy Rai. Tizzy employed him and offered him £100 for every criminal act he does, from age 14 he turns from a litterer, to age 27, when he is a cold blooded killer and a assassin who has no sympthy for anyone and kills anything. He will never spare anything unless you pay him the right price. His parents died when he was 15 so he had to be looked after by his Uncle Garry and his wife Misa. He has one older brother called Sam. He has a cousin called Matthew(Garry+Misa's son) and his sister Mina(Garry+Misa's son). He and Matt get in criminal acts together. *Artwork: None.
  9. I wish when you were dancing you experienced a fatal heart attack. I wish I was not typing this.
  10. If they were both in the same time period.. Tommy.. Vice City was in 1986, Claude was like a little kid then. Tommy would kick Claude's ass. but in 2001, Tommy would be a 50 year old man with no gang, and Claude would pwn him then.
  11. Sexy. Seriously.. this place looks awhole lot better
  12. I was a really active member in May 2008 - December 2008. I was a 11 year old kid(Now IM 12) i was pretty active and had friends here. anyone remember me.. btw i reregistered because i forgot the pword for bpb and the email associated with it was deleted.
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