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  1. Crap! mine is the worst! Or has someone got a worse connection than I do?
  2. I don't really want to leave immediately so, Hi! :D

  3. Yeah it does a bit! They should rename it to karate chop susan boyle @Hyphy Limewire's great man
  4. o0o yeah never did figure out what the " big secret was ".......have you tried going to san fierro going to the boat yard across from the car show room its been said that you can hear a ship horn go off im not sure what time but i think its at night.....not really famous I don't think I can hear the horn in my game (I think I got the pirated copy since I couldn't hear the people talking in the cutscenes) But I'll try
  5. AC/DC - Big Balls Man that song always cracks me up!
  6. Yeah, you should make vidoes, that way there would be even more reasons why to join in the website! Jeez, from what I know those people gotta get their shit together so it's not down (especially when 2 of em are down)
  7. So what your saying is that they don't have a forum on their site? I'm gonna chop my friend to pieces and... Ignore the strike through words please! I just want to know that's all since my friend is talking crap right now Stupid flood control made me post the sentences three times Sorry I'm having a bad time here
  8. Hey guys, does gtamissions.com have a forum??? My friend says it has a forum but I had a look at it and couldn't find one Please let me know ASAP! Thanks
  9. Ok I guess we're not gonna find out what the big secret is after all that Are there anymore famous mysteries?
  10. You look a bit like my sister's boyfriend from that pic you post in the lounge forum place (or whatever) looks cool though!

  11. If I do that, they think I'm some whacka with nothing else to do Thats right. We pretty much think that about everyone now lmao ay it was just a thought Yeah well, at least you're not doing it, if you are then I consider you a whacka
  12. If I do that, they think I'm some whacka with nothing else to do
  13. Yep, Photo Dj is pretty cool

  14. To answer your question, I go to a private school and that uniform is not really that fancy as you can see my reply to Unnamed Noodle here. I don't know if it's typicall in the whole country but it is typicall in my home town, I think it's to represent which school I go to. @Noodle and Chris: What are you guys talking about? I look nervous? Yeah well, I was infront of her friends (probably about 5 of em) and I was actually pretty happy. How can your uniforms be even more simple? I guess your uniform is just a singlet and an underwear!
  15. Yeah, she's the girl I like that's why it's my lucky pic!(just got it today!) About the uniform, I only wear that on Wednesdays and Fridays and I seem to like it since I don't have to tuck my clothes in It's not really that fancy (especially mine, it's got a hole somewhere on the shirt ) just a buttoned shirt and a pair of black pants with a lot patterns on it, maybe that's why it looks fancy
  16. Really? I haven't seen anything bad about you here

  17. Wow, everyone seems to be thanking Mr Noodle here :D

  18. Is that all? I guess I'll have to post my lucky pic! (What a showoff! )
  19. I added you as a friend, is that ok to you???

  20. Is GTA IV really that bad??? I've never played it before and my computer can't support it so, I have no idea. Looks interesting though
  21. Damn! I can't connect it back again! Well I don't really care how ooooolllldddd it is, at least I found out about it (not that interesting anymore)
  22. You definetly look like Indian CJ :D

  23. well, you can do nothing at the cult farm. But there was a mission called "Body Harvest" where you will steal a combine harvester from the survivalists of the cult farm. No wonder people can find the farm easily. At night, when the windows glow blue, it just looks like the farm has blue lights. If it flickered on and off then it looked like a real cult farm. Then again, who thought of that in the first place? lol - You guys realize that the cult farm is ooooolllldddd news right? I guess this forum is funny No, not really. How ooooolllldddd is it?
  24. Thanks! This site does RULE Man, you seem pretty happy today! I'm not feeling to good right now
  25. Jeez man, you are definetly having some bad luck today If you're gonna need more, might as well buy another copy of GTA Aw shit, I lost my main.scm file! It looks like you passed the bad luck to me! Now I need it too! pedstats.dat
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