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  1. 3 hours?! Jeezes, I thought u used dreamweaver for that. At first I thought the whole website was that thumbail until I clicked it so yeah, it's a great job u did there
  2. Awesome looking website! The Biggest problem is...... I don't understand what it's all about! Do u mind if I ask u what type of program u used to design that website?
  3. Awesome stuff man. I'm not really sure about the font though :?
  4. A: Then Paul will start chucking up for how many times with the help of Maccer! T or F There is an M4 at the Los Santos airport
  5. @WRX Oh, ok but, do u think that the graphics card I have is good enough to play GTA IV or it doesn't really matter?
  6. @Alexl Welcome to the forums man! I don't think there are any other versions for the PS2 dude. Besides, there aren't many myths to find (there's like probably 2 or 3 real ones)
  8. Hey guys! I was just wondering if my graphics card is compatible with GTA IV? I've got an ATI Radeon 3450, well the packet says 3450 but CPUZ says its 3400. I don't know which one to believe I've all the requirements the game needs, just the graphics card I'm a bit concerned with
  9. Of course! You're now an admin, you can now log into the Admin Control Panel and do whatever you want. Says the "Admin Control Panel" isn't available in my country! Can anyone tell me wots the video about?
  10. I'm just hoping that CoD Black OPS, Bully 2 and V will be out soon. Those games are awesome!
  11. Whenever I hear a lot of shit on the radio, I just flip over to Radio Los Santos, Radio X or Playback FM (which are my favourites ). @TUN3R Shit, I didn't realize that was on! I should've kept on playing instead of starting over again. :/
  12. SCHOOLS FINALLY OVER! hold on, it's gonna start next month! ><

  13. Well, I got this big idea from one mta server I usually play in that might give our gangs some stuff to do but since looking for a server sounds a bit hard and I can't code for shit even after reading tutorials, I guess it might not work. Unless someone knows a great server and can do most of the coding then it might help
  14. Hmm... that is a big issue! Damn, what are we going to do about that?!
  15. @Alvas I know, but I really want to do this! @WRX Great! You can help with the coding. I basicly just need people to help me with the coding for now. Alright! Now I'm definately gonna learn some script writing! Now I need someone who's experienced with making/hosting mta servers so I know where to start!
  16. Hey guys! after a lot of thinking and going on to multiple mta servers, I thought we should revive our server! or make one or something like that! I was going to learn some script writing but before that I'm going need some help too. Anyone want to help?
  17. It might cause some problems IMO. Gay parents might influence their children and they might end up being gay too. I wouldn't really like a lot of gay people around, no offense
  18. I don't know, I don't really like the cartoons on any of the cartoon channels now, they're all so similar looking. :/
  19. Internet. I saw the web address at the bottom of the pic after I posted, sorry
  20. HOLY SHIT! GTA V's gonna be in Vice City!!! Woohooo!!! And I haven't even played GTA IV yet
  21. The last thing I want is a porn virus attacking my computer! First time I've heard of ransomware.
  22. I'm joining in! A: B-Eh, Cesar? The yay is leaving San Fierro, right? True or false: There are more than 5 mod shops in San Andreas.
  23. @NYHH Meh, I still think it's gonna be fucking awesome. Unless you gotta view through some type of black and white camera like in COD 4 the mission "Death From Above", that kind of sucks :/
  24. DotA atm, there's gonna be a tournament in another two weeks. Other than that, The Sims 3 and Need For Speed Most Wanted.
  25. I can access the gang forum now. I like the sound of tournaments! I'd go in whenever there's an announcement of one
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